Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Things...

I haven't done a "good things" post for a while, but I really love this practice that Kari does, and I wanted to add mine in this month. I love the idea of celebrating something about each day... it causes you to think a little bit more and to be grateful for the small things we're given.

Feb. 1st - Announced something new and fun about my business at my networking group, and felt really good about it... (more coming soon on that).

Feb. 2nd - My neck had a pinched nerve all day...very painful...but we made it through. I love it when I'm forced to rest. (sense the sarcasm)

Feb. 3rd - Went to such a sweet rehearsal dinner for the couple who was getting married the next day. So amazing to see how God brings the perfect people together to make a beautiful couple.

Feb. 4th - Did a beautiful wedding of two dear, dear, people. It was simply stunning and was a blessing to be a part of it.

Feb. 5th - Always tired after a wedding weekend... but just enjoyed going to church and then being at home for the rest of the day.

Feb. 6th - I went grocery shopping and caught up on house stuff. Had the kids' favorite dinner of homemade mac and cheese, baked ham, and baked pineapple.

Feb. 7th - Had a quick cup of coffee with Emily and laughed a lot in a little bit of time. Made little Valentine's day treats with Asher and then made chocolate chip cookies! My favorite.

Feb. 8th - Kind of a hard day...but had some really good conversations with my family about all that was going on.

Feb. 9th - Had a blast at a red carpet event with my friend Blair.

Feb. 10th - Dates with the kiddos.

Feb. 11th - Went to donut world that morning with Asher. And rearranged River's room! Decluttered...moved furniture...cleaned...awesomeness!

Feb. 12th - Heard a great sermon on generosity, and then met up with my stepmom, and little brother and sister for lunch at one of our favorite Mexican spots. Loved our women's fellowship at church that sweet friend Shannon gave a great talk on spiritual warfare.

Feb. 13th - Had a really good conversation with River...our private "girl talk" time. Love how the Lord is using her in her friendships already.

Feb. 14th - Randy had yummy truffles and flowers waiting for me downstairs...and River had made homemade valentine's for everyone in our family. Had a last minute lunch date with Randy..and got caught up on Downton Abbey that night!

Feb. 15th - Really good meeting at my networking group...and learned a lot!

Feb. 16th - Had a great morning at my Bible study. Talked about when we first saw God's love for us, and heard amazing stories of how God faithfully pursued them in such different ways.

Feb. 17th - had a great meeting to chat about doing more event design with other planners in the area. i love collaborating instead of competing!

Feb. 18th - I planned a fun day to celebrate Randy's birthday - we ventured down to the best five star gas station you've ever been to...literally... and then went down to Chapel Hill to watch the Tarheel game at Four Corners. we had a blast. Of course, we couldn't leave Franklin Street without stopping by Sugarland to get a sweet treat! We ate a lot of good food...good food = good things.

Feb. 19th - My sweet hubby's birthday...and we got snow!! Best present ever...especially for him. Also, got to celebrate a dear friend at her baby the snow...did i mention it snowed?

Feb. 20th - Had a snow day!! so fun...first snow day all year.

Feb. 21st - worked on party decor and designing with Krista. And my Tuesday night shows.

Feb. 22nd - was extremely tired this day...but enjoyed talking with Randy about all of it.

Feb. 23rd - got to go have a quick lunch with my stepmom at U.S. yummy!

Feb. 24th - got to chat with my big sis for a bit...much needed.

Feb. 25th - beach spa party...quite fun! it was so fun to be able to celebrate River. Also, had fun going to the farmer's market this morning.

Feb. 26th - Enjoyed my Sunday coffee immensely...and the Academy Awards that evening.

Feb. 27th - Started a new creative and fun project with a fabulous wedding photographer, and also had pizza dinner over at my parents to celebrate River's birthday.

Feb. 28th - My little girl turned 8!! Crazy stuff. Had fun with her...we stayed up until her birth time (9:36), and then she shouted, "I'm 8!!!!" shhh...don't tell her i told you...remember, she's 8...she would be embarrassed if she knew you knew. :)

Feb. 29th - Had a great time catching up with a sweet friend and then got to spend the afternoon with my little sister. happy leap day!

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