Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Twist on a Goodie Bag

On Friday, I decided we would have a little impromptu Fall celebration with the kids.

First we had a costume party.

The masked retriever even showed up. Backyardigans, anyone?

I wanted to make cookies and cut them out with fall cookie cutters, but then I realized I was out of butter! I don't know how that can ever happen in my house, but apparently it can.

All of a sudden, my oldest said, "I know, Mommy! We can make Halloween Trail Mix!" To which, I exclaimed, "That's a great idea!!" I love how she gets it already.

Now, before I go any farther, don't judge me on how unhealthy this trail mix is. It's supposed to have lots of treats! (that's my justification)

first we got all the goodies out
Then, we filled bags with the yummies.

my sweet little monkey making goodie bags

Then we made some for people who might not
have a special Halloween snack this weekend.
And put them in treat bags to be able to hand out later.

It was definitely a sweet treat for little fingers.

I wish I had thought of these earlier, and I would have made them for a fun school snack. I think it will even become a new tradition. SPEAKING OF....

Tomorrow's the big day! Make sure you come and visit to kick off our Something to Celebrate party!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Flourish Much?

I haven't been able to see my dining room table for the past couple weeks...except for that one spot where I make whatever is coming next.

My favorite thing to make lately are my flourishes. Whether they are headbands, pony tail holders, or just to pin on somewhere, I think these little beauties are so sweet.

Don't forget about the giveaway on might even get flourished!

the headbands are one size fits my daughter and I fought about whether or not this one was for sale. she always wants everything for "her birthday".
Linking up to Jen's In the Studio.

Are you the type of girl who likes to be flourished? I'd love to hear what you think!

Please stop by on Monday for Something to Celebrate! Can't wait to begin our party.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Thinking Pink this Week

There are many things that are special to me about this week. For starters, my sweet mama would have been 60 tomorrow. It seems so wild that she's been gone for what feels like so long a time, and yet, she really wouldn't be that "old" tomorrow. I usually celebrate her birthday doing something she would have going out for a delicious dessert and not caring how many calories it would add to my hips. Or spending the weekend at the beach with my family and taking a long walk to look for shells. Or simply listening to some Van Morrison or Alison Krauss. Something that she would have loved to do, especially for her 60th birthday. Truth be told, if she were here, I'm sure it would have been far grander than any of those things. We would probably be in Paris right now! Ahhh...that would be nice.

None, the less, there are so many reasons to celebrate this week! It's the last week of October, which means the last week of Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you have any pink ribbon at home, or even a pink scarf, tie it on to your purse, to make a fun statement this week. Or challenge yourself to wear a little pink every day this week. It still speaks loudly, even if it's your own silent stance against the war so many beautiful women fight. Last year, after I wrote this, one of my sweet friends gave me this T-shirt, and I will probably wear it more than once this week.

This weekend, I have two events, and that's not including Halloween on Sunday! I can't wait to tell you all about them. I already gave you a sneak peek of one of these, and it will be the perfect way to get ready for Halloween. Speaking of, I'm sure we'll all be rushing around to get in all our trick or treating.

But, with all the hustle and bustle, don't forget about gearing up for Something to Celebrate next Monday! I can't wait for National Blog Posting Month to begin next Monday, and to start our fun series! There will be a great giveaway next Monday, so make sure you don't forget! Grab a button, and stick it on your sidebar, and get an extra entry! Just copy the code to your right and paste away! I truly cannot wait to celebrate with you.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Very Own Pumpkin Patch?

This year, what if you set up your very own pumpkin patch? I'm amazed at how many different styles and shapes of pumpkins there are, but white pumpkins by far are my favorite. I'm usually going on and on about going out and finding the fun things going on in your area, but what if this year you brought the fun home? Pumpkins are beautiful for decor, but also double as a perfect take away gift for any guests coming to visit.

Getting married this fall? Set up a whimsical pumpkin patch at your reception. Makes for a great favor, as well as a perfect photo shoot!

picture credits: the knot

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was dance. I would wake up, put on my dance clothes, complete with my lacy gloves, and turn up the Madonna and Michael Jackson, and dance, dance, dance. Now, don't hold my music choice against me...I was too young to know the difference. But, come on, how much more classic does it get than Beat It and Like a Virgin? (shhh, i know. it's a little painful to admit.) Needless to say, my parents enrolled me in classes, and that was it...I was hooked for life. I love it too much not to be.

For two more weeks, locals have an amazing gift. Greensboro Ballet is offering Ballet for a Buck! For only one dollar, you can learn about the history of dance, styles of ballet, interact with the dancers, and see beautiful performances. Did I mention it only costs $1. $1!! How can you say no to that?! If you're like me, your fall is full of lots of things, and sadly, I've already missed the first few Sundays. But no more. The next two weeks are going to be fabulous:

Sunday, October 24 – 3pm & 4:30pm

Ballet for a Buckaroo . . . how American culture has influenced the international art of Ballet.

Sunday, October 31 – 3pm & 4:30pm

Ballet Boo! A Halloween event for everyone to enjoy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebrating the Season

The other day, I was walking out to my car, in a rush, as usual, but I still saw it. It struck a cord in I often preach about here. There are so many times that we can speed through life at such a pace, that we barely see the celebration occurring before us. As I saw the leaf there on the cold, hard pavement, I saw so many things. Life, beauty, transformation, death, color...the fulfillment of autumn all in one glance. Underneath my breath I uttered to my husband, "Wow, I wish I had time to take a picture of that leaf."

The next time I came to the computer, my hubby had in fact gone back later, and taken the time to capture the celebration of the season.

It is so easy to miss the celebration that is happening right before our eyes. Sometimes, all it takes someone helping us take the time to simply slow down enough to notice.

Make sure you check out "Something to Celebrate" coming up in a few weeks! Beginning November 1st, there will be daily tips, weekly give aways, secrets to celebrating, and ways to add fun into your holiday season, without the stress. I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goody, Goody

"Goody, goody, goody" my aging grandfather said,

As he made his way to the candy corn.

His wife watched with a disapproving glare,

And yet, she secretly enjoyed his boy like passion.

He sped to the candy with ease,

And without walker, amazingly enough,

Entranced by this sweet temptation.

And as he grabbed a handful and

Stuffed them in his coat pocket,

All he could say was, "Goody, goody, goody..."

He shoved several in his mouth,

Before he even got back his seat.

She smilingly said, "Shame on you, Jack."

He simply looked over, mouth full of happiness

And barely able to utter the word, "What?"

I laughed as this old man

Has become young again, in heart and mind,

Only, not by choice.

His body showing proof,

That it won't be much longer

That I get to see him enjoy

The simplest of pleasures.

This weekend, I absolutely did.

*This post is dedicated to my grandparents, who just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. Though the path is now rocky, they walk it together, hand in hand, as they always have.

Make sure you check out "Something to Celebrate" coming up in a few weeks! Beginning November 1st, there will be daily tips, weekly give aways, secrets to celebrating, and ways to add fun into your holiday season, without the stress! I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oven Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Yummy, Easy, and One Dish! Need I say anything more? Well, yes, to give you the recipe of course! This dish always helps me to feel cozy and warm...not to mention gives me a few extra minutes to spend somewhere other than the kitchen! I love alternating which veggies I add, depending on the season. Sweet potatoes are especially yummy this time of year in this recipe.

1 envelope Onion Soup Mix
1/2 c. chicken broth
1/4 c. vegetable oil
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
2 carrots sliced (or can use baby carrots)
2 potatoes diced
2 sweet potatoes diced
4 boneless chicken breasts

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Wash and cut vegetables.

3. Combine all ingredients into a large ziploc bag (or large bowl) and toss until chicken and vegetables are evenly coated. You can freeze at this point, and always save for later!

4. Place in pan and bake loosely covered for 30 minutes. Take out, baste chicken and veggies, and then, return to oven. Bake uncovered for 20 min.

Something hot and delicious...and EASY!?! Definitely something to celebrate on my table!

Linking up to Jen's Tasty Tuesday!

Something to Celebrate

I've been mulling over something for a while now. I really love celebrating each season in different ways. If you know me, you know I have a lot of traditions. Sometimes my heart starts to feel almost short of breath, like there's not enough time to fit in all the celebrating. I think about all the ways that I want to enjoy the season, and also make sure that I get in all our traditions, and suddenly it's another "thing to do" instead of a time to enjoy.

One way that I've thought would be fun to simplify celebrating, is by doing one thing every day. Now, granted, this doesn't have to be a big thing. It could be setting out your seasonal veggies as a centerpiece, instead of hiding them away in the fridge. It could be making a new recipe that you've been wanting to try for the last 3 Thanksgivings, but then never gotten around to it when the big day comes. Or, maybe it's finally stopping at that pumpkin patch to take a picture of your cutie pies exploring the pumpkins. Even, adding a festive movie to your que, so that you can enjoy an old favorite like, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!" like you did as a kid when it was the TV special.

November is such a glorious month. It starts with All Saints Day on the 1st, and ends with a time of giving thanks for all we've been given. However, sometimes it seems as if we're so ready to get to Christmas, we almost skip right over this wonderful time of year. Rushing past it, and barely stopping to enjoy. In an effort to challenge myself (and maybe you) to truly celebrate all that we've been given, I'm going to attempt to post everyday about something I'm choosing to celebrate. It's also National Blog Posting Month, so I can't think of a better time to celebrate!

I would LOVE to have you join me. Be thinking of your favorite recipes, traditions, and ways to celebrate the season, and on November 1st we'll start the party. I'll post each day of November: tips for saving money, celebration secrets, my favorite traditions, and other fun tidbits. Then on each Monday in November, we can all share our stories together. Place this button in your sidebar or on Facebook, to let others know about this fun party coming up in just a few weeks. Can't wait to have "Something to Celebrate!"

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Dark Night

I have an amazing event coming up at the end of October, and it's one I've always wanted to design. I won't give all the details away, yet, but just to let you know a bit of what I've been up to this week, here's a sneak peek.

Also, I'm very excited because my hubby designed this fancy new button for my blog! Grab it and pin it on to yours!

events by design button

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Tale of Three Tables

Table 1: Kitchen Table
(used somewhat as an island, and somewhat as an eating area)

Table 2: Beastly Booth that still hasn't been refinished
(mainly used as a study and coloring area for hubby and kids)

Table 3: Dining Room Table
(hardly ever used...mainly a studio space for Events by Design)

It started by simply clicking on Nester's post. Then, after deciding to take her advice about clearing off my tables, I decided to move my tables. All of them. I started looking at my space and feeling ambitious. I have been itching to make some space, and hadn't had the exact plan, yet. But I could tell I was on the cusp.

Full disclosure time. My husband, my two kids, and I live in a small two bedroom one bath bungalow that was built in 1932. Charming. Yes. But spacious? Not exactly. We only have a couple closets in the entire house, and no garage. My hubs is in grad school, and we are definitely going to be here for a while longer. All that summarized, means no spending, no renovations...just use what we have and do the best that we can.

Just this past weekend, we talked at length about how we can maximize our space here. "Should we make the dining room a bedroom, but then what about my studio space...and what about when I have events....or people over for dinner? So, then, should we make it more of a playroom? But it's not like we can afford right now to do an addition"... And on and on, and you've probably been there too.

A lot of the time I feel like I'm doing a puzzle. And then re-doing it, and re-working my pieces, but still unable to really make everything fit. You would think the solution would be purge. And, we actually do purge a lot of the not so important things (old toys and clothes). But the problem is, the majority of our furniture has been passed down to us by mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers, and has way too much sentimental value to let go.

I know it probably doesn't look cluttered to you, but that's because I zoom in. And, I hide things under beds and in trunks.

So, an hour and a half later...

my beast of a booth in our breakfast nook, held my dining room table.

My booth table became my "new" island
(which is higher than my other table and even looks
kind of intentionally french-farm-house-rustic used as an island...perfect!)

And, my old kitchen table dining room became a great new spot to color or play,

...or simply just be.

Therefore, keeping my dining room functional as a play spot, study spot, eating spot, or work space. Problem solved. And my daughter even plopped down on the couch, and said, "Finally, I can take a nap here!" I guess it could even double as a bedroom.

And simply because I cleared a table.