Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Tale of Three Tables

Table 1: Kitchen Table
(used somewhat as an island, and somewhat as an eating area)

Table 2: Beastly Booth that still hasn't been refinished
(mainly used as a study and coloring area for hubby and kids)

Table 3: Dining Room Table
(hardly ever used...mainly a studio space for Events by Design)

It started by simply clicking on Nester's post. Then, after deciding to take her advice about clearing off my tables, I decided to move my tables. All of them. I started looking at my space and feeling ambitious. I have been itching to make some space, and hadn't had the exact plan, yet. But I could tell I was on the cusp.

Full disclosure time. My husband, my two kids, and I live in a small two bedroom one bath bungalow that was built in 1932. Charming. Yes. But spacious? Not exactly. We only have a couple closets in the entire house, and no garage. My hubs is in grad school, and we are definitely going to be here for a while longer. All that summarized, means no spending, no renovations...just use what we have and do the best that we can.

Just this past weekend, we talked at length about how we can maximize our space here. "Should we make the dining room a bedroom, but then what about my studio space...and what about when I have events....or people over for dinner? So, then, should we make it more of a playroom? But it's not like we can afford right now to do an addition"... And on and on, and you've probably been there too.

A lot of the time I feel like I'm doing a puzzle. And then re-doing it, and re-working my pieces, but still unable to really make everything fit. You would think the solution would be easy...to purge. And, we actually do purge a lot of the not so important things (old toys and clothes). But the problem is, the majority of our furniture has been passed down to us by mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers, and has way too much sentimental value to let go.

I know it probably doesn't look cluttered to you, but that's because I zoom in. And, I hide things under beds and in trunks.

So, an hour and a half later...

my beast of a booth in our breakfast nook, held my dining room table.

My booth table became my "new" island
(which is higher than my other table and even looks
kind of intentionally french-farm-house-rustic used as an island...perfect!)

And, my old kitchen table dining room became a great new spot to color or play,

...or simply just be.

Therefore, keeping my dining room functional as a play spot, study spot, eating spot, or work space. Problem solved. And my daughter even plopped down on the couch, and said, "Finally, I can take a nap here!" I guess it could even double as a bedroom.

And simply because I cleared a table.


  1. Everything looks very nice and your children are absolutely adorable! Great job! Susan

  2. I really like the table. You did a great job. Who would of thought?

  3. What a very functional rearrangement. I sure lots of love is shared in the small but comfortable and adorable cottage!
    Joining you at Simple Pleasures.

  4. nice. like working a puzzle...great when the pieces just seem to fit...

  5. Hi,
    I love the Nestor also! Her ideas of clearing tables is a good one (if I can hide a lot of stuff!) Your move of the taller rustic table to the kitchen for a work island is great! A great Simple Pleasure!


  6. Playing musical tables worked wonders. Love the finished look!

  7. Bingo!! I think you might have given me JUST the idea for a little simple pleasure of my own in the upcoming week. I need to LET myself do some creative contemplation and switcheroo.

    I really love this. You didn't spend a dime and got such a great return. I'm going to be thinking about this all weekend.

  8. What an amazing transformation! I love that you had everything under your nose all this time. It make me wonder what treasures are sitting right in front of *me* and I don't even take the time to think about them. I love it!

  9. How creative! You came up with a fantastic solution!
    Dee Dee

  10. What perfect solutions!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. I love the freshness that comes from mixing things up! And this is such a healthy way to get that freshness.

  12. beautiful choices...now it is all your own.

  13. wow! what a difference moving things around made. my daughter would probably also like the couch for a nap now. it would also make a great fort. :)

  14. Hello Melissa, I really like what you did with the re-arrangements.. the booth table looks great in your pretty kitchen! It's amazing what a simple change can do at times. blessings..Trish

  15. Love love the way you switched up things. I even pulled Kevin aside to show him. :) Looks good, friend!