Monday, June 28, 2010

Biggest Dork and Kudos...

So I'm the biggest dork known to mankind. I took before pictures of the wedding this weekend. But NO AFTER PICTURES!!! (Such a dork, such a dork) It's ok, though, I'll have the real pics from the real photographer up soon enough.

It was truly a wonderful weekend. And even though the heat presented plenty of inevitable challenges to work around, everything went amazingly well. After everyone had left and I was cleaning up and thinking about the day, I received such a gift from my sweet bride. She texted me...ME the wedding planner...on the way to her honeymoon....and said this...

"Melissa, thank you so much for everything you did. It was absolutely perfect! Love you!"

I really couldn't have asked for a better compliment.

Ok, I'll leave you with one before picture. Guess what this fun thing was used for at the reception...

Are there gifts of encouragement that you are celebrating today? Go visit all the gifts at Chatting at the Sky and unwrap your Tuesday a little bit more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Grand Opening and Hearts Beaming

This past weekend I helped some friends with the dedication and grand opening of their new shop, Chartreuse. Everything about this shop simply amazing. I am so excited for their sweet family, and all that they have been given.

After I got all the goodies set up, I had the honor of hearing the husband bless his wife in front of all their friends and family. He talked about how much she had continually sacrificed and given to their family. How for 30 years, she has laid down her life to serve and love them, and how happy he was to be able to support her in this grand venture. I watched his lovely wife beaming, and almost blushing, as he admonished her. I listened as her children prayed and thanked God for her. And all I could do was thank them for letting me be a part of their special night. It truly was a beautiful time of celebration.

This store is such a cool place. If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. It's a cross between an art gallery and a really fun antique store, but at consignment prices. One of their big things is reusing material in artsy ways to create new things...people after my own heart!!

yummy cupcakes from Maxie B's

cucumber water...the most refreshing thing ever! perfect for these hot days!

just some fun things from the shop

Such a gift to be there this weekend. What gifts are you celebrating today? Go visit over at Em's, and enjoy all those simple gifts of the everyday.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Finds: Summer DIY Projects

Finding your days a little slower? I know my soon to be first grader is already asking for projects!! Here is a list of some fun summer projects that you can do (with or without kids) to celebrate the season!!

I'm all about some flip flops, so this idea totally flipped my lid!

Begin a fun tradition of making lots of yummy pies! I love when my friend did this a few years back, and I've enjoyed making pies a lot more since then. I made my first peach pie of the summer just yesterday, and we all were rejoicing about that!

Have some fun with your recyclables! Use your egg cartons to make cute little beach creatures, while you gear up for that annual trip to the shore!

These pretty pencil pinwheels are the cutest party decoration...and fun to make together! They could also double as a party favor! I kind of want to have a party just to have an excuse to make them.

Because I just love weddings...and lemon heads...and style me pretty.

Do you have any summer projects on the horizon? I'd love to hear your ideas!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bread for the Journey

Yesterday was a rat race. By nine o'clock, there were four children under the age of three in my house, and one six year old princess who wanted to be the babysitter. Thankfully, a sweet 14 year old friend came over to help with all the craziness. But, still, there was a lot of crazy. Between the kids crying, needing snack, wanting to play, messes made, and not enough hands to clean up, I didn't get to take my shower, or do my Bible study homework, or make my breakfast, or brush my teeth, and the list goes on and on. To make matters even more interesting, my cars in the shop...which means, even if I wanted to go somewhere, I couldn't.

As I was pouting, I realized something. *sorry, God*...I mean... God showed me something. All my "disappointments", were all about me. I know they were basic needs, but still, all about me. Here, I'll recap.

"I didn't get to take my shower, or do my Bible study homework, or make my breakfast, or brush my teeth, and the list goes on and on. To make matters even more interesting, my cars in the shop...which means, even if I wanted to go somewhere, I couldn't.

Sometimes I think about how much the Father gives out for us. How much He loves us, without even thinking for a second about what He's not getting. Or how much He's giving out. And it truly astounds me. I need His heart to even begin to give out. I can try to give out from myself, but all that it will be is filthy rags.

I was reading yesterday in Mark 6 where the disciples notice all the people needing something to eat. How Jesus tells them, "You give them something to eat." Knowing the disciples had nothing, absolutely NOTHING to feed the people with. Knowing that they would ONLY be able to receive from Him, and then give out to others. Last Sunday, one of our friends preached on this exact message, and it was fabulous. You'd think it would have gotten in my head by now, but I'm apparently still needing the lesson.

I'm celebrating my place of need this morning. That I would finally rest, and remember to rely. That He would be my bread for the journey, rather than running on empty. Rather than striving to remain this illusion of "everything" for everyone, that instead I would turn to Him, and rest. Join me and others in this "resting place" over at Emily's.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fresh Flowers and Sleeping In!

We had a glorious weekend of sleeping in and enjoying the weekend. How, you ask? The kids went to their grandparents house for the weekend! It was so great.

I actually strolled around the Farmer's Market with a friend, instead of two little ones pulling on my legs! Imagine that! And was so happy to see that peaches were here! Along with the best use of $5 for my lovely fresh flower arrangement.

It was a great weekend, filled with lots of rest and fun times with friends. And even though my hubby had to work all day Saturday, he took me out for a morning date to one of our favorite downtown spots beforehand. Gotta love being spoiled just a bit.

Did you get spoiled at all this weekend? I hope so!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Finds: Using Burlap!

Burlap is probably my favorite fabric ever. She's amazing and I love every.single.way.

She can be totally chic...

... or beautifully rustic

or warm, rich, and natural...

I mean, how can you be all those things really well??? Gosh, she's good. And here's the best part...she's dirt cheap. (in a good way.) I tell you one thing...she's my kind of girl!

Jessica did a great post about her a few months ago. Go get inspired!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Cookie Monsters

I love these types of conversations...

Asher: Mommy, can we make cookies when we get home?

Mommy: Ummm...yes!

Asher and Maddie: YAY!!!!!

I love being their hero every once in a while. And guess what I figured out the other day? Chocolate chip cookies are still yummy even if you only have 1 egg! I had started a big batch last week when I was asked the same question, but then, realized I only had one egg left. I pondered running over to my friends house around the block (they have chickens) to ask for an egg, but then, I decided just to try it. As you can see, they were still enjoyed thoroughly...and not just by the kids. ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Along the Way

Today is my daughter's end of the year party. You might remember last year when she first stepped into her new class and began this journey. 10 months ago, Kindergarten was staring us in the face, and we tried not to panic, and yet felt very aware of the step that she would be taking.

It's not like that first day was difficult, and then all the rest have been a piece of cake. There are days that I strain my neck to watch as she climbs those big steps, and struggles (a little less than in August) to open the huge metal door that enters into her school. I pray as I watch her for God to strengthen her. For God to remind her of how much He loves her. That even while I'm away from her, He would be round about her. That she would hold tight to trusting Him, even when she feels alone or afraid. It has been as much of a journey for me, as it has for her. Entrusting one of my most precious gifts I've ever been given into His hands daily, has been a challenge, and I have learned to trust in Him more than before.

This year has been absolutely fabulous. I could not have asked for a more loving teacher to care for my and teach my precious girl. I have watched her blossom into a more confident and responsible girl, able to love those around her, no matter their differences. I have marveled at how she can now understand and speak Spanish at an advance level. I have loved seeing her grow in her friendships. At the beginning of the year she knew no one, but now, these 23 other children have become like family to her. There will never be another Kindergarten class for her. This was it. And I truly cherish the moments that we have had. God has been faithful to her and to me. We will complete this year of trusting Him and look to Him to lead us onward toward our next step along the Way.

What are you cherishing today? Come and celebrate with all of us over at Emily as we all join in Chatting at the Sky.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Finds: Outdoor Parties!!

One of the best ways to celebrate the warmer months is to be outside! So whether it's a family dinner party or a larger event your hosting, take your guests outdoors and make the most of these summertime!

Get inspired at Country Living with these creative ideas to spruce up your outdoor decor!

Upscale on a Budget has some really fun thoughts on how to keep your event budget friendly, but still get that elegant ambiance.

Whenever you're hosting an outdoor event, one thing you need to remember is to have a lot of drinks. Two words for you with displaying drinks: METAL BUCKETS! It's so easy and adds a great visual for your party decor!

other sources:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Every "Buggy's" Tea Party

I used to worry that I might not have a girly girl. That I would have a little girl who hated dresses and never wanted to play tea party. I haven't had that fear ever since she was about...ummm 6 weeks old and I stuffed her into a little bathing suit that had a hula skirt...just to dress her up...and I seriously think she loved it.

I could see from early on her love to be prissy and playful, and then as she began to pretend more, I knew that we would have the best of tea parties. And I was right.

Lots of times she'll surprise me by just blurting out with it, "Mommy, Let's have a tea party!" Just totally out of the blue. And I absolutely love that she has this grand idea and we can actually do it!

Usually it starts by her finding her favorite little tea party recipe book and finding a recipe that looks just right for what she's in the mood for. Then, I'll let her know if she needs to find another one because of missing ingredients. She'll happily flip for another pick, until she finds something that suits us both.

The ingredients are very simple:

1. Cute kid who likes baking (and helping to lick the batter).

2. Food Coloring to color the icing whatever buggy color you want.

3. Nilla Wafers to cover with icing to give shape to your bugs.

4. Toppings to style your bugs into whatever type you want.
(For ladybugs we chose chocolate chips for the spots, and M&Ms for the heads.)

5. Lots of fun dress up clothes to be silly and frilly.

6. A Mommy who will dress up and say "Darling" with their pinky up.

7. A great book to end with.