Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Every "Buggy's" Tea Party

I used to worry that I might not have a girly girl. That I would have a little girl who hated dresses and never wanted to play tea party. I haven't had that fear ever since she was about...ummm 6 weeks old and I stuffed her into a little bathing suit that had a hula skirt...just to dress her up...and I seriously think she loved it.

I could see from early on her love to be prissy and playful, and then as she began to pretend more, I knew that we would have the best of tea parties. And I was right.

Lots of times she'll surprise me by just blurting out with it, "Mommy, Let's have a tea party!" Just totally out of the blue. And I absolutely love that she has this grand idea and we can actually do it!

Usually it starts by her finding her favorite little tea party recipe book and finding a recipe that looks just right for what she's in the mood for. Then, I'll let her know if she needs to find another one because of missing ingredients. She'll happily flip for another pick, until she finds something that suits us both.

The ingredients are very simple:

1. Cute kid who likes baking (and helping to lick the batter).

2. Food Coloring to color the icing whatever buggy color you want.

3. Nilla Wafers to cover with icing to give shape to your bugs.

4. Toppings to style your bugs into whatever type you want.
(For ladybugs we chose chocolate chips for the spots, and M&Ms for the heads.)

5. Lots of fun dress up clothes to be silly and frilly.

6. A Mommy who will dress up and say "Darling" with their pinky up.

7. A great book to end with.


  1. That is just too cute!! Love the lady bug cookies too.

  2. How wonderfully fun! I love the combo blog - good for you!

    Enjoy all those cookies! (makes me hungry ~ YUM!)


  3. That is a BRILLIANT idea. Mmm.
    I wish I had a girl to make those with...maybe I'll borrow one.
    Wait, boys like bugs...what am I talking about??!

  4. You are the best mama ever, Melissa! SO precious.

  5. y'all are so sweet. thanks for celebrating with me!