Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Finds: Summer DIY Projects

Finding your days a little slower? I know my soon to be first grader is already asking for projects!! Here is a list of some fun summer projects that you can do (with or without kids) to celebrate the season!!

I'm all about some flip flops, so this idea totally flipped my lid!

Begin a fun tradition of making lots of yummy pies! I love when my friend did this a few years back, and I've enjoyed making pies a lot more since then. I made my first peach pie of the summer just yesterday, and we all were rejoicing about that!

Have some fun with your recyclables! Use your egg cartons to make cute little beach creatures, while you gear up for that annual trip to the shore!

These pretty pencil pinwheels are the cutest party decoration...and fun to make together! They could also double as a party favor! I kind of want to have a party just to have an excuse to make them.

Because I just love weddings...and lemon heads...and style me pretty.

Do you have any summer projects on the horizon? I'd love to hear your ideas!!

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  1. De-lurking today...

    I LOVE pie - and homemade piecrust is SO NOT overrated. You (and your friend) have inspired me to set aside my next free Saturday to whip up not just one pie, but a bunch of piecrust to freeze as well. I layer plastic wrap inside and stack some inexpensive glass pie dishes WITH the crust, then wrap up the whole shebang nice and tight and freeze. Want a pie in a flash? I grab a frozen crsut and fill on the spot.

    Lovely blog!