Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Twist on a Goodie Bag

On Friday, I decided we would have a little impromptu Fall celebration with the kids.

First we had a costume party.

The masked retriever even showed up. Backyardigans, anyone?

I wanted to make cookies and cut them out with fall cookie cutters, but then I realized I was out of butter! I don't know how that can ever happen in my house, but apparently it can.

All of a sudden, my oldest said, "I know, Mommy! We can make Halloween Trail Mix!" To which, I exclaimed, "That's a great idea!!" I love how she gets it already.

Now, before I go any farther, don't judge me on how unhealthy this trail mix is. It's supposed to have lots of treats! (that's my justification)

first we got all the goodies out
Then, we filled bags with the yummies.

my sweet little monkey making goodie bags

Then we made some for people who might not
have a special Halloween snack this weekend.
And put them in treat bags to be able to hand out later.

It was definitely a sweet treat for little fingers.

I wish I had thought of these earlier, and I would have made them for a fun school snack. I think it will even become a new tradition. SPEAKING OF....

Tomorrow's the big day! Make sure you come and visit to kick off our Something to Celebrate party!

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