Monday, November 1, 2010

Something to Celebrate: Thankful for You...

First of all, let me just say HOW excited I am to kick off our party! This is deifnitely...
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I've never participated in National Blog Posting Month before, but I figure, what's not to like? I get to chat with you all every day about things I love, and you get the chance to win lots of great prizes. I'm thrilled you're here...I was a little worried that no one would show up for the party. Here I'd sit in my party dress waiting and wondering...will anyone come?! Sometimes throwing a party can be a scary thing!

When I was a little girl, every year for Christmas, I would get a calendar for the upcoming year. I remember one day, happening to see, that November 1st was All Saints Day. I remember thinking, "What is that?" Well, today is All Saints Day. A day that hardly gets noticed in our culture, simply because Halloween overshadows it by a landslide. Now, granted, I love dressing up, and going trick or treating with my kids. However, with it being All Saints Day, I can't help but think about what it means.

There are those people in your life. The ones that are always willing to help. The ones who have a kind and gentle answer in times of trouble. The people who tell you they'll pray for you, and that they love you...and you know they mean it. Your own personal saints, who make your life more enjoyable, more full, more blessed. We think about these people all the time, and are so extremely grateful for them. But if you're like me, the busyness of life gets in the way, and I seldom take the time to stop and thank them.

Some people celebrate All Saints Day by remembering loved ones they have lost. They might go to a service, or take time to think about their loved ones who have gone on before them. However, as someone who has lost people who are dear to me, I'd much rather have told them more often while they were still here how much they meant to me.

How wonderful would it be, if today, you took the time to thank those people for their life. If you let them know, that to you, they are a saint. That you are thankful for them, and are so glad to have them in your life.

This can be a great activity to do with kids, too! I've seen with my own kids, gratitude is not something that comes naturally. This is a great way that they can learn to stop and think about who they are thankful for. They could make "Thankful for You" cards or pictures to send to grandparents, teachers, friends, etc.

I don't know of a better day to celebrate the people who love us most, and care for us the deepest than this blessed holiday. Happy All Saints Day to I'm sure you are a saint to someone else.

Wanna head start??!! Here are a couple freebies:

Vintage Catnip is an amazing blogger who loves to give away free vintage images.
And, here's another fun blogger who gives away all types of cutesy cards and templates.

Print some of these pretties out, and have fun making your own cards. Or just stick a notecard in the mail sometime this week. Even if your "saints" don't get them until Thanksgiving, you still have found a new way to bless them.

And, now for the moment you've been waiting for...our first Monday giveaway! Today, I put together a few goodies straight from Events by Design...seeing as I am the hostess and all. I thought you might like a few things to help you celebrate this month a little more.

1. sweet little mug to enjoy a nice warm beverage.
2. baby pine cones - perfect for place cards
3. handmade flourish (that's also a ponytail holder)
4. bundle of cinnamon sticks
5. vintage silver tongs to use on your Thanksgiving table
6. spool of ribbon in my new favorite color
7. handmade bracelet that screams fall to me...made from vintage beads.

Comment on this post and then check back on Friday to see who the lucky winner is. Get extra entries for becoming a follower, posting about EbD's giveaway, or tweeting about it, or know the deal.

If you're celebrating something today, or have a fun story from this weekend, leave a link in the comment section. I'd love to see what you're celebrating! See you tomorrow for more great ways to celebrate!


  1. Thanks for sharing the news about All Saint's Day. What a lovely idea!

  2. I posted a poem today in honor of All Saints' Day - thought I would share it. :)

  3. Celebrating the heart of the Proverbs lady.

  4. Today I celebrate Pam! She is now with Jesus and all the Saints of old... I miss her and wish I had appreciated the time I had her as my best friend with the richness it deserved! Treasure a friend today...I am praying for my friends Jill & Lisa today. Two friends who love me the way Pam did...with all my warts.

  5. Melissa,

    You're so cute, I want to see you sitting in your party dress ( ;

    Those turkey leg tongs are adorable! I likey the party!


  6. Well, I carved all my pumpkins, but maybe I'll go buy more

  7. I wasn't celebrating much yesterday, but last night we were singing and praising God!
    Here's my post:

  8. I added your button to my blog.

    I follow you in my reader.

    I don't know if that's two or one, but I love your little bundle of goodies!

  9. I imagine I don't qualify , living way up here in the Great White North and all. But I've been thinking about how to walk through the often blustery and dreary November before Advent, and I really like your idea of giving gratitude.

  10. I love your All Saints Day idea - thankfulness is my theme all month but I will take time today to tell someone - several someones!
    Just found your blog - love it!