Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Something to Celebrate: Entering In

So, I had another post written for today. A fun post about gifts, and my favorite places to get the best goodies...but all that can wait. Because, I can't let this month slip by, without somehow reminding us about what we entering into with the coming of December.

This past Sunday was the first Sunday in advent. My husband and I had taught Sunday School at the first service, and so after getting all the kids squared away, we were a little late getting into the second service for worship. As we rushed in, I saw that it had already happened. The first advent candle had already been lit. All year, we wait for it, and I had missed it. I knew that it was the prophecy candle, but still, I hadn't really been a part of the tradition. It had already happened, and I wasn't there, and advent had already begun, and I missed out.

But that's such a lie.

The real meaning is so much greater than that. Greater than making Christmas lists, and doing early morning shopping. Greater than how we wrap our cute presents, and how we set our table. The real celebration is found somewhere far more simple, rustic, amazing, and mysterious.

Two of my best friends happen to be amazing writers, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to bless you with the gift of their writing. As I read their words, the truth of what we are entering into became fresh and new once again.

As we enter into the season of Advent, I'd encourage you to make room in your heart and mind to celebrate the truth of what Christ did for us. He came for you. He came for me. As we enter into this great celebration, turn your heart to Him. He will always be waiting for us, with eager anticipation to show us what He has done for us. To remind us how He loves us.

Tomorrow is Dec. 1st. We'll start our Jesse Tree tradition with our kids, and if I can find it in all the boxes, maybe hang up our Advent Calendar. If you've never done a Jesse Tree before, it's a great way to make the real meaning of Christmas come alive to your children. Here's a link to download a free Jesse Tree Devotional Book. What a gift to us!

If there's something that you're celebrating, a picture, or a few words, I'd love to know! Link up in the comment section and we'll have ourselves a good ol' time.

Well, that concludes our November series, but check back tomorrow for a great idea on how to get your Christmas cards free this year! Also, I'd love to hear from you...what has been your favorite post/subject this month? I want to make sure you're loving what you're reading. Tell me your favorites from the Something to Celebrate series, so that I can be sure to keep 'em coming!

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