Saturday, November 27, 2010

StC: Give Up on Gift Wrap...A Tutorial

Now that we're onto thinking and preparing for Christmas, I figured I would let you in on another one of my secrets for saving. Remember how I told you that I don't iron.... well, here's another surprise...I don't buy wrapping paper. Now, I do wrap gifts. Just not with wrapping paper. And, hopefully the receiver of the gift feels tremendously celebrated and surprised just to see the gift. As a lover of gifts, I've come to believe that the presentation is half the fun of opening the gift. Wanna know how?

Usually, I start with wrapping the box in simple craft paper. (Make sure you buy your brown paper in the hardware or shipping section of the store, and not in the wrapping or craft costs a lot less and you get a ton more!)

Then, I get out my leftover fabric scraps, ribbons and raffia. I just save them from past gifts, or will stock up on ribbon, when I find it on really good deals.

Pick your ribbons, according to size and type of gift.

Begin by using the longest ribbon to tie up the gift.
(Look at my spiritual gift. haha)

Layer ribbons one on top of the next.
Throw in some contrasting colors to give your presents more pop.

Embellish till your hearts content.

For girls, I love giving a fun hair thing for a gift topper.

For boys, sometimes I'll tie on a car or a little gadget of some kind.

Sometimes, if I'm in a hurry, I tie up gift boxes without wrapping them.
It still looks fun with all the colorful ribbon.
Or, I'll use a craft bag, stuff some tissue paper in, and tie up the handles with tulle.

If you're fed up on spending extra money from your Christmas budget on gift wrap, go for the more economical (and whimsical!) version of wrapping gifts.


  1. I love craft paper gift wrap. I need to remember to stash away my ribbon scraps so I can make my gifts pretty like yours.

    P.S. I don't iron either.

  2. I recognize that first one. Also, I do iron. A little bit.

  3. love it! I hate wrapping and I HATE ironing!!! SO getting the craft paper!

  4. this looks great! i've been struggling with how to package my photos for clients and i think i've settled on the kraft wrap look. i'm using kraft bags, boxes and then i can change up the ribbon. but i love the idea of using fabric.