Friday, November 12, 2010

StC: Thanksgiving 101: Dress Up Your Table

Just because you're having a celebratory dinner, doesn't mean you have to stress over "setting" the table. I love how easy it can be to dress up your table with a few simple tricks.

Step 4. The Table

Grab some pine cones from the yard, and cluster them around the table.

If you are going for the more formal look, wine glasses at each place are always a pretty touch, no matter the beverage. And I love bringing in a touch of greenery into each setting. You're sure to get some oohs and ahhs over that!

Even doing placecards can be stunningly simple!
Use fresh fruit to create an elegant look on any table.

By setting your table a few days before Thanksgiving, it will allow you more time in the kitchen on the day of, instead of worrying about what your table looks like. I usually set my dining room table up about 3 days in advance. Maybe that's a bit premature, but I'm always thankful that a step is crossed off my list of things to do!

What are some ways you dress up your table?

And the Giveaway Winner for this week is...WHITNEY! Glad you came to party, girl, because you got the prize! Happy Friday, everyone...and see you back here tomorrow for some more tips for planning your Thanksgiving.


  1. Beautiful ideas for table settings. Congratulations to Whitney!

  2. Yah Whitney! I am just getting around to catching up on my blog reading. Sad I missed the giveaway. Just maybe I can score a cupcake from Whitney as I too have been a part of the tasting and returning of desserts with you in public! :) Always makes for a fun evening!