Wednesday, November 10, 2010

StC: Thanksgiving 101: The Lists

I always seem to have random lists in my pockets, or jackets, or crumbled up in my purse somewhere. They definitely serve their purpose in keeping me straight, but sometimes, they can be overwhelming. Too many things to do in one day. Too many people to call back in one 15 min. car pool line. Or too many groceries to get in one trip. All this to say, DON'T plan on getting all your Thanksgiving groceries in one trip to the store.

Step 2. Make Your List(s)

After choosing your recipes, make your master list of everything you'll need for your feast. Take a quick inventory of your staples, to make sure that when you go to grab the sugar for that pie you're making, your sugar's not scraping the bottom of the canister.

Separate your perishables from your non-perishables. On your next trip to the store, go ahead and get your non-perishables for your upcoming recipes. Then, the week of, go back and get your turkey, cheese, eggs, milk, etc.

(Hint: Before you go to the store, clean out your fridge of everything but the essentials...that way when you come back with all the food, you'll have the space to pack it in!)

There's no reason why you need to get everything for the meal in one day. Take your time, and organize your thoughts. Your stress level, and your wallet, will be thanking you!

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  1. I'm catching up Melissa...I love this one. I'm leaving tomorrow for DC with Ashley's class - I think I'll take my recipes with me and do my list while riding 6 hours on the bus. Really enjoying the posts...wish I got to it everyday but I'm catching up today :)