Saturday, November 6, 2010

StC: A Styled Shower

I was asked to do the event design for this shoot, and I'm so glad I was. It was absolutely amazing. Seeing as the bride to be is an English major, the theme of words was perfect.

the paper chandelier made from books, pages, and tissue paper flowers hung as if magically suspended in air above our whimsical and romantic table

We had this dresser set up so that as guests arrived,
they could type a note to the bride.

Alexa is a fabulous photographer, and you can see all her beautiful pictures here.

One reason why I wanted to include this post in Something to Celebrate, is because I think any event is more beautiful outdoors. I know yesterday I encouraged you to bring in the outdoors, but I would also encourage you to get outdoors! Bundle up and take your tables and chairs outdoors, for an amazing event. We loved being able to have all the leaves bustling around our table, and having the crunchy leaves under our feet. There is something beautiful about being surrounded by nature, and I would enjoy it before it's too cold!

Even though we are in the throws of this Fall, Events by Design is already accepting brides for Spring, Summer and Fall 2011. Keep us in mind for all your special events!


  1. OK. Now I have to know how you hung that chandelier over the table.

  2. I agree, Melissa. God's artwork needs no enhancement. Your event looks fabulous! I had an outdoor wedding, but the idea of having a shower outdoors is just divine.

  3. Holy moly. Where are the rest of the pictures? I don't see them up at Alexa's yet.

  4. renee, that was with lots of strong men, fishing line, and a lot of "adjusting".

    and kari, alexa is still editing and finishing them up. there are lots more!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! LOVE LOVE LOVE the typewriter idea and the chandilier! Great job Melissa!