Wednesday, November 24, 2010

StC: Traditions Shared

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

So, I've been thinking and wondering, what do other people do on Thanksgiving? I've wondered if having football games and the Macy's day parade on in the background is a thing of the past, or if it's still as popular as ever. Do you eat the same exact menu every year, or is it always a new and exciting selection? Is it filled with lots of baking and eating or do you head out to eat? Do you dress up and take your annual Christmas card picture, or do you hang out in comfy clothes all day? Do you sit around and talk about all you're thankful for, or do you pop in a favorite movie?

There is such a richness of life that dwells in each person and it makes each of our own families and traditions exactly who we are. From the way we were raised, to how we decorate our homes, to what we make for dinner, and how we raise our children. We each have our own lives, and it's so fun to get to share those things with others. So, do tell! What are your favorite things to do on Thanksgiving?

And, just in case you wanted some more fun embellishment for your celebrating tomorrow, here's an awesome blog with free printables! LOVE them for letting us get in on the goodies.

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  1. My husband works shifts so it all depends on his schedule each year. We've been known to host and visit. This year he's working so I'll be making the rounds to both sets of parents. We work each holiday out as it comes because of his schedule.

    Thank you for the printables! You're a sweetheart.

  2. Before my husband retired in 2008, our holidays revolved around his crazy schedule, but whatever day we chose to celebrate Thanksgiving went something like this: As many family members as could joined us at someone's home (mostly my parents until recent years). Mother was a flash of lightening in the kitchen, cooking up her awesome cornbread dressing and a host of other side dishes. The daughters (three of us) brought our own specialties, and we crammed around a table too small, in a kitchen too small, but what fun we had/have. The odd thing is my parents have no television, and no dishwasher, but ... we managed (and still manage) just fine. More time to spend chatting with each other.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi..I'm bj and I saw your post on A LITTLE OF THIS... and wanted to come by to give you a big ole cyber {{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}.
    I'm so sorry you lost the ring. My daughter had one given to her by her grandmother and when she lost it, she cried for days. Nothing else in the world can replace it...and I know this is how you feel. Just be thankful for the wonderful memories and times you had with your mom. So much better than a ring or anything else. You can NEVER lose your memories so be sure to thank GOD for them. HE loves you so very much..and is always right beside you.
    love and blessings, bj

  4. I have never had the big turkey dinner thing. My mom's side of the family gathers at grandma's house and has a turkey breast and ham and we eat around 5:00. Everyone usually brings two or three things (I am bringing pumpkin cheesecake) and we have more than enough food. We don't have a particular menu, but there are things that people generally bring. Like deviled eggs and sweet potato casserole.

    Usually we go to my mom's for brunch beforehand. This year (and last year), Mike and I did a 5K on Thanksgiving morning, so we are skipping the brunch since we can't get there early enough. It's just a relaxing sort of day.

    Mike and I always make our own turkey dinner on Friday so that he can have the leftovers that his heart desires. He makes stuffing using his family's recipe, and we keep it pretty simple.

  5. What a great question!

    My world has no thanksgiving traditions, every year is in a different country, with different people. Last year Thanksgiving came and went and I didn't even notice. This year, my housemate made a big dinner last Saturday with chicken that she somehow seasoned to taste like Turkey (a work of genius!) and we invited over a dozen friends who are not from the U.S. They loved the meal but I don't know if they understood why we were eating it. Today... well, today was a work day. We'll go to the common room of our guesthouse and watch some TV show or movie on the office powerpoint projector.

    I'm subscribing so I can read other people's thanksgiving stories...

  6. hi beautiful... well, my thanksgiving was in october. :) and it was jam-packed with family. we hosted this year, since we just moved here, and it was... hectic and harried and full of food and boots and babies. :) i hope yours is full of rest, dear friend. thanks for linking. xo

  7. My husband and I both grew up in other countries, so like Emily we celebrated thanksgiving in October.

    Now that we're in the States we enjoy spending time with my husband's family over thanksgiving. turkey, a little football, games, little feet.

    Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. i love hearing each of your stories so much! it's really great to think about all of us celebrating at different times and in different ways, all around the world. thanks for sharing and letting me know a little more about you all.

    as for me, yesterday was filled with being in the kitchen with my big sister, learning how to make our mom's stuffing. ever since our mom passed away, she's always made it. i've gotten off easy with things like sweet potato casserole and pies. but this year, because she's moving 14 hrs. away, i asked her to teach me how to make it. it was bittersweet, to be together with our family, but to know that next year will definitely not be the same.

    blessings to you all!