Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something to Celebrate: Tuesday's Tip...Paint Your Pumpkins!

Yesterday was such a wonderful start to this month. I'm so grateful for all of you who are coming to share and celebrate with me. It truly is a gift. A friend of mine emailed me this link, and it was too good not to share it. It's absolutely what I was wanting to say yesterday. Mr. Rogers always did have a way with words.

Now, moving on with Tuesday's tip...

Even though Halloween is over, DON'T get rid of all your pumpkins! They still have plenty of life left in them (unless you carved ALL of them, and the fruit flies have taken over, then, absolutely feel free to chuck them!) One thing you'll learn about me, is that I hate wasting anything! Give those orange beauties a make over that will allow them to continue celebrating with you throughout the month of November. All you need is a little spray paint! I usually use either silver, gold, or bronze to give a more festive look. Suddenly, you have an entirely new look to go...

On your mantle

On your front porch

Or as beautiful decor throughout your home

As a place card holder

Not to mention, that since it's after Halloween, pumpkins are on clearance! Go get a whole mess of them, and a $1 can of spray paint, and have fun!

If you're super ambitious, try your hand at something more artsy. I would love for my front porch to look like this one day.

Don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post to enter the give away. See you back here tomorrow for my first ever guest post as the celebration continues!

pumpkin pics credit: potterybarn.com, marthastewart.com, countryliving.com


  1. I loved Mr. Rogers. Those pumpkins are amazing. Easy enough to try and not worry about messing up. Thanks.

  2. ah.... gorgeous.
    and mr.rogers is one of my all time heroes.

    and your comment to me. means the world. thank you . and if you run into me I hope I will be all smiles and grace like the blog image, and not yelling at my son or something :)

  3. Ok my friend...I'm a blubbering wet mess now. What a precious man, Mr. Rogers. What a gift he was to all of us and for 10 seconds I cried...:0 sweet tears...may we be reminded daily to take a moment and reflect on what's been given to us in the people who surround us...
    The pumpkin ideas are beautiful!!! Gotta go get me a can of spray paint :)

  4. I know that you won't believe this since I am the least crafty person ever, but I was going to spray paint my pumpkins. I might do them white, though. Either gold or white.

  5. Would you believe me if I said I didn't buy pumpkins this year?
    Ha. I don't so much like to decorate for fall. But Christmas? I'm already itching to pull out my boxes....

  6. oh wonderful AND glamourous, you know how to make a gourd look good! :)

  7. haha...well i love making anything serve a dual purpose! so glad you all are celebrating with me!!

  8. I am so impressed with your painted pumpkins. I cannot wait to get a can of spray paint. Also, some pumpkins since I didn't buy any. Thanks for a great idea.