Monday, November 22, 2010

StC: An Artsy Giveaway!

Today's give away and post are brought to us by the fabulous Katie Wall Podracky, of Katie Wall Art. Katie is a local artist, and is so talented with what she does. She enjoys bringing color to life, and teaching others to do the same. My kids love taking lessons with her, and I'm always amazed at what they bring home! And, not only that...but she is a super fun person to know! She's definitely a fan of celebrating, which is why I'm so glad that she offered to partner up with me for this month's Something to Celebrate series. I've loved each day of celebrating this month, and this week is going to be another great one. So, with no further ado, here's Katie!


November—what does the word mean to you? Each time I flip my calendar pages from October to November, I think of crunchy piles of fall leaves, steaming cups of hot chocolate and the smells of roasting turkey and baked apple pie that you only find at this time of year. Of course it also brings to mind a palette of red, orange, yellow and ochre, as fall is my favorite time to paint and my favorite time of year to share!

Here are a few images of my favorite fall tree paintings.

As an artist and an art teacher, I’m offering two holiday art classes this December for the price of one. Have your little ones create beautiful centerpieces for your Christmas table while you get a few hours of time for yourself to run errands. If you purchase a class for Tuesday, December 7th, you’ll get a free class on Tuesday, December 14th too! We’ll be sculpting special angels and painting Christmas scenes. Each class is $25.00 per student, ages 5-9, Tuesdays from 4:30-5:45 p.m. at my studio. All supplies are included and I’ll email directions and details to any newbies who are interested.

Tell us about your favorite painting and be entered to win a pack of Katie Wall Art notecards just in time for holiday thank you notes!

Enjoy this fantastic drawing by Ava, and if you get a hankering for some holiday cooking of your own, check out my blog for apple pie that is out of this world!

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