Friday, November 5, 2010

StC: Bring in the Outdoors

The leaves are finally getting really beautiful around here. I love it when they get so brilliant, you can't help but to stop and stare.

Something that my kids love doing in the fall, is going on scavenger hunts to find the most "beautiful leaf of all". Or maybe it's the "biggest"...or the "brightest", or the "reddest"... Whatever you can think of, they will hunt it down.

After they are finished finding their treasure, bring them inside! Stand branches in a vase with water, and watch as they continue to put on a show. Or, gather all the leaves together, and place them in a glass bowl or tray. The kids love being able to help "decorate" the house for fall, and you get to have some of the beauty come inside. They're not here for long, so grab them before they're gone! It's something so simple, but it truly allows you and your kids a moment to step back and enjoy the season.

And Congratulations to Southern Gal who won the giveaway!!! You'll be getting your festive package of goodies in the mail in just a few days. Thanks for always being so willing to celebrate! There will be another chance this coming Monday...and all the Mondays in November, so make sure the rest of you don't give up!

1 comment:

  1. That lovely package of goodies is mine? I'm so excited! Thank you.

    And I love the photos of the fall leaves. They still haven't turned much here. Hopefully with this rain and a little cold snap we'll be seeing beautiful colors soon.