Tuesday, November 16, 2010

StC: Simple Centerpieces

One thing that I enjoy creating are focal points in a room. And, to do that, centerpieces come into play. Whether it's for an event, or just your family, there are plenty of places to have centerpieces in your home. Definitely on your dining room table, but also, on your front porch, or possibly in your foyer, on your mantel...wherever you feel there needs to be a splash of color and life. These DIY projects are eco friendly, inexpensive, and YES, BEAUTIFUL!

Two words when thinking about simple centerpieces: fruit (and) foliage.

Instead of hiding all your produce away, find ways to use it as decor! You can get clear vases or bowls for only a couple bucks and fill them with an arrangement of seasonal fruit and veggies. Even if you put them in a dish or bowl you already have, it's still a great way to bring color into your home.

A lot of times when I don't have the money or time to go buy fresh flowers, I'll grab an array of branches from the yard, choosing a variety of textures and colors.

Of course, I'm spoiled, because our local Farmers Market is only about a mile away from my house, and I can go grab beautiful bouquet like this one for $5 on any Saturday of the year.


I love mixing fruit and foliage together. It looks so lush! Here are a couple examples of using the two together. And it's actually really not hard! Just layer, switching from branches, to fruit mixed in here and there.

These look so extravagant, and look at those colors!!!

Here's a fun link for 20 5 min. centerpieces! Go be creative, and see what you come up with! What are some of your favorite centerpieces? It's definitely a way my house feels a little more like a gift to me.

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  1. I love that second arrangement. Thanks for the link!

  2. You are just so creative! :) Love it.

  3. Beautiful stuff. I enjoy grabbing branches from various outdoor shrubs and trees, for an indoor arrangement. When it starts to droop, just throw out and start again.