Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goody, Goody

"Goody, goody, goody" my aging grandfather said,

As he made his way to the candy corn.

His wife watched with a disapproving glare,

And yet, she secretly enjoyed his boy like passion.

He sped to the candy with ease,

And without walker, amazingly enough,

Entranced by this sweet temptation.

And as he grabbed a handful and

Stuffed them in his coat pocket,

All he could say was, "Goody, goody, goody..."

He shoved several in his mouth,

Before he even got back his seat.

She smilingly said, "Shame on you, Jack."

He simply looked over, mouth full of happiness

And barely able to utter the word, "What?"

I laughed as this old man

Has become young again, in heart and mind,

Only, not by choice.

His body showing proof,

That it won't be much longer

That I get to see him enjoy

The simplest of pleasures.

This weekend, I absolutely did.

*This post is dedicated to my grandparents, who just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. Though the path is now rocky, they walk it together, hand in hand, as they always have.

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  1. oh...nice...simple pleasures and grandparents...i only have one left myself...enjoy those moments...smiles.

  2. Love this story about your grandparents!
    Thanks Melissa for your kind comments over at my place!

  3. I'm so glad your grandfather finds joy and delight in candy corn. What a beautiful tribute.

  4. What a precious post. No greater pleasure than still being able to spend time with grandparents.

  5. This makes me smile. I love when people write about grandparents - probably because I miss my dear grandpa so much! I can picture him doing something similar. :)

  6. Loved this story. We miss so much joy when we think people should be different than they are...

  7. Oh My ! I could not help but to think about my Papa. He loved candy corn and I loved him. I thank you for the sweet memory.

  8. What a delightful post, Melissa. I'm so glad you linked up with this one. Perfect ... and so sweet (in more ways than one)!

  9. My mom loved candy corn. She also loved to scare the kids in the neighborhood! I can just see those smiles.


  10. this is such a great post. I can imagine him in my mind....with those candy corn. You are so lucky to have your grandparents in your world.

  11. This is wonderful. It made me remember my Papa.

  12. What a sweet post...I have those memories of my grandparents and parents as well. Patty

  13. LOVE THIS!!!! congratulations to your wonderful grandparents and to you for being so clearly aware of JOY in simply living life.

  14. This is just precious .....A pleasure to cherish to years to come !!

  15. 68th!! What a beautiful testimony of life spent together, just in a simple number. This was a treat to visit you today, like a handful of candy in my pocket ;)

    A blessing to read and share in your simple pleasures ♥

  16. Your story was so wonderful, and I love your dedication to your grandparents. So moving. Great simple pleasure.

    Hope your having a blessed day.

  17. this made my heart thrill and i laughed and tears sprung. how you captured your delightful grandfather, and his nurturing wife. i'm so glad you linked friend. xo

  18. My grandfather is like that too. It's so cute! I hope you can enjoy many such moments.

  19. adorable... i love the imagery. and candy corn, of course. ;o

  20. This is beautiful. As someone who just lost her grandmother, it warms my heart to see people, even in their old age, become young again.

  21. Melissa what a wonderful post...delightful to the heart! :-)

  22. 68th wedding anniversary-wow! How wonderful. This was so lovely!! blessings..Trish

  23. what a blissful prose.
    lovely word flow.

  24. ! This warmed my heart, thinking of my grandfather who passed just a year ago. A sweet lover himself. Thank you for sharing and for sitting and drinking your grand-dad in. So worth it.

  25. love this... isn't it the truth? My grandpa, paw-paw always used to hide werther's candies in his recliner.