Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebrating the Season

The other day, I was walking out to my car, in a rush, as usual, but I still saw it. It struck a cord in I often preach about here. There are so many times that we can speed through life at such a pace, that we barely see the celebration occurring before us. As I saw the leaf there on the cold, hard pavement, I saw so many things. Life, beauty, transformation, death, color...the fulfillment of autumn all in one glance. Underneath my breath I uttered to my husband, "Wow, I wish I had time to take a picture of that leaf."

The next time I came to the computer, my hubby had in fact gone back later, and taken the time to capture the celebration of the season.

It is so easy to miss the celebration that is happening right before our eyes. Sometimes, all it takes someone helping us take the time to simply slow down enough to notice.

Make sure you check out "Something to Celebrate" coming up in a few weeks! Beginning November 1st, there will be daily tips, weekly give aways, secrets to celebrating, and ways to add fun into your holiday season, without the stress. I can't wait to celebrate with you all!


  1. lovely sentiments,
    we overlook beauty in front of us all the time.
    Thanks for the thoughtful reminder.

  2. Maybe that's why God made leaves so bright and bold, so that we couldn't help but stop and take notice!