Tuesday, February 14, 2012

little loves

happy valentine's day to you.

I couldn't think of a more romantic picture than this one. It's a little "sweetheart" table I designed back in the fall.

Yesterday, as I was talking with a dear friend, we were talking about how little you have to do to celebrate with the ones you love. It doesn't take much. I just adore her sweet tradition...after the kids go to bed, she makes one big beautiful ice cream sundae to share, and then her and her sweetie watch a romantic comedy together. love it.

Yes, a beautifully designed tablescape at a romantic spot in an orchard would be ideal, but that's not really what it's all about.

We've never done much for Valentine's Day, simply because we want to truly focus on loving each other in little ways throughout the year. So, I never expect a slew of roses and flowers...but it was fun to walk down and have my hubby making my favorite breakfast of French Toast, and to have a few flowers and truffles by each of our places. (my daughter wanted to know why I had the biggest box of truffles. heehee.) It's little, but to me, it says "i love you." He'll have class til late tonight, so he thought ahead and wanted to do something special for us all.

This past weekend, my hubby took my little girl out to a Daddy Daughter Dance, and I went with my son on a date of our own. They both are so sweet, and just soak up the time we spend with them. And, also, ummm...when did they get so big???

I absolutely love this picture of her...it's filled with excitement and glee, childlike joy, and yet ecstatic anticipation. She knew exactly how she wanted her hair, and couldn't wait to surprise her date with which dress she chose.

I knew he wouldn't care about dessert or conversation, so I spoke his little love language and we went to CiCi's and then onto Bounce U. He thought it was better than anything he could have imagined. I loved how excited he was when he heard where we were going.

My sweet little man.

So, even though tonight I won't probably won't sit at a table like my "sweetheart" table, I'll pull out a few picnic blankets, and have a fun dessert to surprise my sweetie with when he gets home...and maybe get caught up on Downton Abbey.

Here's to hoping your day is filled to the brim with sweetness and love...
and all the mushy stuff, too.

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