Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Best Summer

I found a super cute article about all the things I love about the summer. Not only that...but it gives advice on how to do them the best way. Here's just a peek at some of my favs.

best way to catch fireflies

best way to wear a sarong

best way to stargaze

best way to get in and out of the hammock
(that made me chuckle, as many times as i've fallen out!)

best way to snag a fly ball
best way to make cut offs
(is this a summer tradition for you? just askin')

best way to entertain party guests

best way to pack a beach bag

I absolutely love summertime. Now, I could do without the humidity, as could my hair! Incorporating any of these things into this season, would make your summer even more enjoyable.

Go enjoy your summer...maybe the best ever!

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  1. Oh, I remember my childhood days after reading your blog post. I used to catch fireflies, do sports and go to the beach, too! Now, I look forward to summer concerts with a health serving of beers and friends. Concerts are exhilarating events! Rock and roll!