Monday, June 13, 2011

This is a Test...

Now I don't claim to be anybody's Emily Post, however, growing up, we were taught how to set the table. It feels like pulling teeth sometimes just to get our little ones to stay on their bottoms while we're eating, much less have all their proper manners down.

We've never been the kind of parents who have lots of rules while we're having a meal, however lately, we've seen the need to enforce a few more formalities into our dinnertime routine. I'd never ask my kids to set a formal dinner table, but I do think that there are some basic things they could know (drinks go on the right, forks and napkins on the left)

All these thoughts lead me to wonder, if asked, would you be able to set a formal dinner setting? Check your knowledge and see how many your would have known! A few months back, I found this cute chart. The next time you're hosting a dinner party, feel free to use it!


  1. I have the utensils down and the bread plate and butter knife. It's the glasses that throw me off. They offer Junior Cotillion classes here to teach the children table manners, etc. When they complete the course they celebrate with a formal dinner and dance! Those kids know more than I do.

  2. Since we aren't wine drinkers, I've never set a "formal" dinner table that included wine glasses. And I was not aware that the proper napkin placement was to the upper-left of the forks, folded all fancy. I've always placed it to the left of the forks, but not upper-left like the chart shows. What happens if you aren't a napking folder expert? :)

    Other than these two bobbles, I would have done ok. Nice chart.