Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Etsy Wedding

When I first met Shelby, I knew she was going to be great to work with. She had her leather boots on and was a cute blond. The first thing out of her mouth was,

"I realized, that all the details about my wedding are only in my head! That's not good! I need someone else to know everything and be in charge...not me!"

She got it. And thankfully, I got the job.

We immediately started in on the details, and the excitement continued for me. She talked all about things she had found on Etsy, the theme that was emerging, and how she let her groom pick out her colors! HER COLORS! What did he pick, you ask?

Green and brown. And boy, did they rock them out...take a look.

Matt and Shelby chose the fabulous Revolution Mills to have their wedding and reception. We set the ceremony in the intimate courtyard, then, came inside for the reception.

Shelby wanted her girls to love their dresses, and be able to get lots of use out of them, rather than just one night of wear. She found these awesome wrap dresses, which was perfect! The girls could tie them however they wanted, have their own style, and still use it later for any event.

Shelby found elegant pearl plugs to wear for her earrings, and added a little flair to her hair with this gorgeous feathered comb.

Matt wore his grandfather's watch, and had an exquisite boutineer!

We wanted the tables to come alive with the colors so we rented colored glassware from Classic Party Rentals. We kept the tablecloths to a clean and crisp white, so that the colored glassware would really pop. We added just a small square of dark brown burlap under the centerpieces to accent the colors. The burlap was a great touch to add texture, and to continue the natural look they were going for.
We brought in the camel colored napkins, to use a color that would blend well with all the others without competing with them. We chose two colors of glassware to add a bit of variation in the tables. I think that if everything is too matchy-matchy, you lose so much creativity and life!

For the centerpieces, we had some tables set with the low lying grass in birch boxes, and others with the apple saplings creating a canopy overhead. The Farmer's Wife did a fabulous job on these and we loved the affect it gave to the room!
One afternoon in early spring, Shelby and I went over to Ashleigh's Fine Paper and picked out her programs and menus in one fell swoop. As always, they made it quick and easy...and we found the perfect ones! I always love having the menus shown...there's something about having all that delicious food written down that makes me happy. Sweet Basil's catered the evening, so there was no doubt about how great dinner would be!

The cake may have been my favorite part of the decor. Fitting, don't you think? I loved the green love birds as a cake topper, and the baby apples adorning the tiers were simply lovely. And, the cake was indeed Simply Scrumptious, thanks to Julie.

Sophia Harcourt Photography captured their story, and did she ever do a fantastic job! Her photos were stunning!

It was a fabulous night and the lovely couple had the time of their lives. I loved every minute of celebrating with them!

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  1. What an amazing job you have - looks like you are excellent at it too.

  2. What a fantastic place for a wedding, Melissa. I love old structures that have been repurposed. Awesome.

    Love the way you organized this post. I think I learned some things this morning! :)

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous wedding! I love all the green. Looks like you do beautiful work, and this post looks like a feature in a bridal magazine! :)

  4. WOW!!! What a beautiful wedding! Great job!!!

  5. Beautiful...I especially love the colors...chocolate! The variety in the bridesmaid dresses is a great idea too! It's so much nicer than everyone trying to fit the same style dress.

  6. soooo love this wedding...the color choices are awesome.

  7. Beautiful! I love the green and the brown together! They did such a great job with that color combo.

  8. The green and brown was a unique choice, and oh so awesome...thanks for sharing all the goodness with us!

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