Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Twist on a Tradition

Last year, we had a super fun and very girlie Christmas Tea Party for the girls in my daughter's class. This year, we continued the tradition, but tweaked it just a bit! Since the drink of choice last year was the homemade cocoa, we decided instead of a Christmas "tea" party, we would make it into a...
Christmas Cocoa Party!

(How cute is that...if I do say so myself.)

The great thing about this party, is that it could be a Valentine's party, a winter themed birthday party, for either girl or boy, or just fun playdate for the colder months. Who doesn't love a good cup of cocoa?!

We knew that we would have some of our favorite goodies, and then some additional Christmas cookies to make it more...well, Christmas-y. We simplified beverages, and had one hot and one cold choice...our homemade hot cocoa, and fruit infused water. The girls had a blast fixing their little dainty plates and definitely came back for seconds...and thirds!


1. craft time

Last year, the girls loved the craft time, so I wanted to continue that tradition to this year's party. Because I had no idea what I was going to do up until the day of the party (truly), I figured I needed to use something I had on hand...something that was easy...and something that would be fun for them to use again. So I decided that their craft would be mini Christmas garlands!

my little sister being "in charge" :)

It was so cute. They each picked out their own little ribbons and scraps, and loved making them. The mini garlands ended up being about 1/4 of the original garland size, so perfect for their bedroom door, hanging on their bed, or just a little flair for somewhere in their room or home. And, you know me, I love any activity that can double as a favor!

2. toy exchange

My daughter has loved playing the gag gift game every year with our family. She's old enough now to get it, and loves how funny and random it can the part about opening a present is pretty fun, too. So, this year, she asked if we could play the gag gift game at this party. I thought it would be fun if the girls used one of their own toys (gently used and ready to move on!) as a gift. It was so much fun. The girls got to each take home a "new" toy, without spending a dime. They loved the surprise of opening up a gift to take home! A second little take home goodie.

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3. storytime

After all the goodies and festivities, I like to gather all the girls together to read a Christmas story. It's a great way to share what we believe Christmas is all about with her friends. The girls always love sitting around and hearing a new (or familiar) story.

I think my favorite thing about this party, is that throughout the year, the girls will remember things about the party, and will ask things like, "Are you going to have us over for..." or, "Remember those little white cookies you made?! Can we have those again!"

To know that there are sweet little girls that get as excited about parties as I do, is a joy. I'm so glad my daughter and I can partner together on fun ideas for gathering people together to celebrate life.

my stepmom and i being silly hostesses!

Valentine's Adaption:

menu: Valentine candy, heart shaped cookies, fruit, cheese cut out with heart cookie cutters, hot cocoa, and fruit infused water

activities: Making Valentine's for people with scrapbook paper; mini garland using mainly pink, red, and white; Valentine day story


  1. Lots of great ideas! Sounds like a wonderful time :-) Love, Heather Swindall

  2. How fun! Great memories, I'm sure. And what a cute hostess you make. :)