Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little Flat?

So, you know how you always dream about what shoes you might have worn (or might wear) for your wedding? Ok, maybe YOU don't. But, I totally do.

Shoes are a tricky thing. Because as much as I'd love to rock these for a fun special event, let's be honest. I know as well as you do, that after an hour, my feet would be

With the reality heels bring, many times, brides would rather wear flats.

The other day I went with one of my brides to look for flats for her big day, and I couldn't believe all the fun options out there. I mean, soooo many cuties!! And super reasonable (especially with a DSW in town!) These two were my favs for this time of year...

So maybe choose the heels to feel pretty coming down the aisle, but take heart, if you switch to flats...your feet could still look (& FEEL!) amazing.

Not to mention, you can get plenty of use from them later...
even in jeans. heehee.

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