Monday, April 2, 2012 promised.

I hope you've been thinking of how you can be celebrating in your own home at this time of year. Like I said last week, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ANYTHING BIG! It can be something as little as bringing in flowers to your table, to remind you of the new life that occurs at this time of year. Or switching out the books on your coffee table so your kids can remember what this season is about.

We'll link up on Friday in the comment section and then come visit each other. I can't wait!!

Ok...on to the good stuff...

When I was a little girl I had a record player...yes, I'm that old. A blue and white striped record player, that was awesome. And even though I loved putting on my Disney storybook records (or Michael know), some of my favorite records were of Christmas music. My sister would get so irritated with me that in the middle of the summer I would have Christmas music blaring from our room that was only divided by a set of folding doors. Well, even though now I make myself wait until after Thanksgiving to blare my Christmas music, I've begun a new tradition with my family around Easter.

I love having an Easter CD each year that has songs that remind me of celebrating this season. Usually through the year, there are songs that I hear or come to love that seem to fit perfectly with Easter, so I figured, why not have Easter music, too!?

So, as a fun favor for celebrating with me on Friday, I'll give each of your your very own Easter CD, wrapped up by hand (of course!) to encourage you to continue celebrating even after Easter weekend has passed.

Now, for three lucky people participating we'll have a drawing to win one of these fun gifts! A signed copy of Grace for the Good Girl, written by my sweet friend Emily, a fun homemade change purse, made lovingly by hand by Handmade Recess, and a bird pendant necklace made by my dear friend Stephanie. I know y'all have heard me chat about them before, but I couldn't help myself from these fun gifts for this time of year.

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