Thursday, August 30, 2012

Around the Corner...A Little Sweetness from The Sugar Shack!

I vaguely remember when I was a little girl, going into my Grandaddy's old store, and being able to pick out candy for just a few cents.  It didn't happen a lot, but when it did, it was something special.

Today, I happened to pop into a (fairly) new shop in town.  The Sugar Shack has been opened for just about a year now, and is the cutest little candy store around.

Of course, the first thing that caught my eye was the old-timey cash register (that still works!) That definitely took me back to watching Willy Wonka!  But, as you look around, that feeling of being a kid rushes back as you see all the endless jars of candy.

They have a whole wall dedicated to multiple Jelly Belly jellybeans, any flavor you so desire, and chocolate gems in any color you want. Plus, an entire collection of organic candy!

There is table after table of tried and true favorites as well as hard to find specialty selections.  And, everything is $8.99 per pound, so you don't have to wonder how everything is priced.  

However, the sweetest part of this little shop was how it felt to be there.  The happy colors of candy and friendly staff was eager to have a visitor.  And, don't you dare tell my kids that I went without them, because there was even a cute little kids table for children to be able to sit and color.  (not to mention the mouthwatering snack selection.)

This Saturday is the Sugar Shack's first anniversary...or as I would say 1st Birthday!  They're putting on a fun party with pretty hefty swag bags for the first 30 people. Balloon Artist, Magic Christopher will be there from 12-2, and face painting from 3-5 done by Allison Wood. But, no matter when you get there, you're sure in for a treat!

I've decided Thursdays are going to be my "around the corner" posts.  I'll be highlighting a local business or event that you don't want to miss.  Make sure you check back on Thursdays for an upcoming local outing that's sure to please! And, if you are interested in being our spotlighted business, feel free to email me with information.


  1. We'll be there! What time does it open, and how to choose between the swag bag or the face painting. Choices, choices.

    1. They open at 10am! I know...I think I'd pick the swag bag, personally...It's gonna be good! :)