Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding Inspiration at Anthro...{around the corner}

The other week, I happened to stop in at Anthropology.  I don't do that nearly enough.  

It's always been one of my favorite stores, but I don't usually have the time to stop. However, when one of my dear friends had her birthday, and I wanted to treat her to a little something from her favorite store, it gave me more than enough reason to visit.

As soon as I walked in, I had to start taking pics. Not just because it was beautiful, or because it welcomed me in with her wonderful smells...but because I couldn't stop seeing wedding inspiration.

centerpiece material
These fun things have DIY written all over them.  It doesn't have to be bought at anthropology!  Wrapping yarn around cylinders and putting different candle holders inside with buttons could be all of $2 for a unique centerpiece!

eclectic decor ideas
grab some cool old bottles and books and set them out to add to the decor of your event.

unique jewelry for bridesmaids

whimsical fall foliage wrapped in gold paper
another DIY vision!

polaroid picture display
I love finding creative ways to display pictures at weddings.  Polaroids make such a statement, and I love the way Anthro hung theirs here. You could find a spot to hang pictures of the past, or to show off the fun from the day of the wedding.  Your guests will have fun taking and viewing them for the entire time!

i may be the only one that thinks wedding all the time, but hopefully, it will give you a little inspiration!  are there stores that you find yourself feeling refreshed and inspired?

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  1. Anthropologie is definitely inspiring! I always end up wandering around looking at every single thing.