Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Finds: Happy 4th!

July 4th has completely taken me by surprise. I can't even believe that we're in July already!! Sad to say, I haven't prepared anything yet for this special holiday. However, I just might be so enticed by these inspirational ideas that I get to work! Or, I might just enjoy lazing by the pool. Either way, these things are just too pretty not to show. Happy Friday, and Happy July 4th Weekend!

Ok, let's just say I'm dreaming. This is what my dream house front porch would look like. (the little girl of course would have to be my own daughter, but you get the point). Check out the tea stained bunting and reproduced quilts! I love the vintage flare going on here.

So, if that was my front porch above, than this would be my back porch. (I know my house is now made of siding and shingles, but we'll deal with that later). But, look how fun this party would be?! Pinwheels, drinks in the pail, as we all know I'm crazy about, and look, there are my hydrangeas! (at least I really do have some of those in my yard).

I'm sure Martha Washington could cook a mean apple pie, but Martha Stewart definitely takes the cake when it comes to beautiful eye popping red, white, and blue desserts!

These fun firecracker decorations are for the more adventurous planner, but they are sooo festive! There is a great step by step tutorial here so get get fired up!

Ok, back to the dream state, I'm totally seeing this as my new lake house. And this is what it would look like when you come over for my make believe July 4th party. I love how understated the decor is for the 4th. Patriotic, but not cheesy and overwhelming.

Onto more food! Are you wondering what the best kind of ribs to make this year? Or how to beat your grill master recipe from last year? Well, check out these Top 10 July 4th recipes from around the country!

Whatever you do this year for the fourth, remember to celebrate all the freedom we truly have been given. Now, go pick which dessert you're going to make!

Images from Martha Stewart, Home and Garden, Country Living,, and


  1. I love your house!! I know it's not your house, but I love your ideas for your house. How about that?

    This summer holiday is my daughter's favorite. She loves everything patriotic. Thanks for the links. Our party is smaller this year, but it doesn't mean we won't have more fun! Happy Independence Day!

  2. FUN! Love the ideas Melissa! When you have your party I want to come!