Monday, July 23, 2012

A Very, Very Unbirthday...

One of my favorite things to do is to give gifts.  It's such a little way to celebrate. When we were little, my great aunt would always bring everyone "unbirthday presents" to our family's annual beach trip.  We wouldn't always see her throughout the year, but she knew she would have all the nieces and nephews together at the beach.  Now, I don't remember one single gift (I know, that's awful), but I do remember how fun it was to anticipate the unbirthday gifts, as well as my Aunt Ruth being so excited to pass them out to all of the eager recipients.

This past week, I was so excited when I found a great deal on some super cute Steve Madden sandals for under $10!  I couldn't resist a pair for myself, but because they were such a good deal, I grabbed an extra pair. I wrapped them up and surprised my big sis with reinstating the "unbirthday" gift beach tradition.

So, needless to say, whenever I see a good gift idea, or a clearance marked little goodie, I try to stash it away for the next gift I might need.  I don't have an extra $30-$50 to spend on each gift, so it's always fun to find little gifts that don't cost a ton.  Then, the best part is wrapping it up and surprising your next friend, guest or hostess.

One rule of thumb I've learned is that you want your gift to be useful or enjoyable. Here are some thoughtful little gift ideas that are all under $10 and are sure to please!

homemade baked goods are always a treat.  Wrap up a few in a clear or paper bag, and tie a ribbon around the top.  A note attached adds a little extra cuteness.

A bundle of flowers from the farmers market are sure to make anyone smile.  Bouquets are as little as $5 and are gorgeous on any table.

A little basket of garden goodies tied up with raffia makes a great gift! 

Surprise a friend on their special day with their favorite coffee drink.

Books from used bookstores are always so much less than retail, and can send just the right message.

My favorite local bakery always puts whatever I'm getting in a kraft paper cake box, and whenever I ask, they'll tie a satin ribbon (of my color choice) around the box.  It's a great gift, wrapping included.

Sometimes you can happen upon silver serving beauties at your local thrift stores for just a few dollars. Even second hand, they're still quite a treasure. 

At our Founders Day party, one of my sweet friends came in with hand soap wrapped up so cute, and the tag said, "To the Hostess with the Mostess".  It has been blessing me ever since!

It doesn't have to be big to make an impact!

*garden picture credit: Real Simple


  1. Unbirthday - what a great idea! I always like giving gifts, but I get myself into the trap of thinking they always have to be big or elaborate. I like this reminder that simple is just as good if not better.

    1. Hey there, Kristen! Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you're doing well!

  2. I don't fully understand why but this post almost made me teary-eyed! I think it is because gift giving is my "love language" and I really, really like your lovely, simple ideas. They seem so thoughtful, so hand-picked. I wish I had a friend like you, or even better, I aspire to BE a friend like you are.