Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Color, Color, Who's Got the Color?

Maybe it's just because it's summer and these colors are so fun, but this is my favorite color combo right now for weddings.  It's so fun and spunky, but also modern and sophisticated. I think I'm in love...

Whenever I say or hear the phrase, "What are your colors?" I totally think of Steel Magnolias, where they're all in the beauty parlor, and they ask Shelby what her wedding colors are, and she says... (come on now, say it with me if you know it)

"My colors are blush and bashful."

And Weeza says...

"Your colors are PINK and PINK!"

Oh, I love that movie.  Ok, so what about you...

What were your colors? If you had to do it all over again, what colors would you choose?

I'm sure I'll change my mind in another month, but for now...I think I'll go put on my coral earrings and a turquoise dress.


  1. I love turquoise and coral right now. My wardrobe reflects it, too!

    Love, love, love Steel Magnolias. I always think of that quote when I'm doing anything with pink.

    My colors? Eggplant, pink, and gray with some yellow thrown in. (Only because the florist insisted that every bouquet and arrangement have yellow. I wasn't too happy with that.) Yep, they called it eggplant. A deep, dark purple for the bridesmaids dresses. I loved it then and I would go with the same thing for 1980. ;) My daughter chose green and pink which I loved.

    1. So neat to see that you would still pick it today! It must have truly been a favorite, and not just a trendy choice!

  2. If my coloring would allow it, I'd be looking for something coral to wear my turquoise with right now:)

    My colors were burgundy and gray. Today I would still use them, in different ways.

  3. I'm in love with red and turquoise. My colors were maroon, ivory and a mauve ... I loved it then and 9 years later (my anniversary is today!) I'd likely use yellow and gray, or add in some red. Who knows?

    1. Happy anniversary! Fun to be able to think back and remember, isn't it?! And, I'm right there with you with the red and turquoise...I think I love anything and turquoise right now. :)

  4. My bridesmaids wore slate blue dresses and carried pink, white and green flowers. I liked it, so I'd probably use it again. The colors I'm loving for now are coral, teal, grey and a deep purple - though not necessarily all together at the same time!