Friday, July 27, 2012

Going, Going...Not Gone Yet!

I'm one of those people with the awful disease of thinking you have more time than you do.  Like, when I'm going out of town, not only do I have to pack, but I also have to clean the house, get all the laundry done, etc. etc.  Or, when I have an extra 15 minutes, I think that I'll have plenty of time to go to the grocery store really quick just to grab a couple things before picking up the kids...sometimes that works, sometimes, not so much.

We have a month left, folks.  Well, I do at least.  Until school begins again and my "baby" starts Kindergarten.  

It always astounds me how fast the summer flies by.  There are definitely things that I've wanted to do that haven't happened.  And other things that I wanted to finish that are still in progress.

But, about now, I always start to think, "Ok, priority time!!  What are the things I want to do most before the summer ends?"

Here's my short list...

make {and eat} blackberry cobbler
go rock hopping
fly a kite with my kids
fall asleep reading in a hammock
go hiking
watch a sunset with my hubby

What's on your summer punch list?  Because my other sickness is making checklist and checking things off, I might actually print my list off.  I might be a little more prone to make these things happen!  Whether your list would be staying home every day, or hiking the Appalachian Trail, let's make these last few summer days ones we love.


  1. We have our list on our chalkboard in the kitchen. I have to admit this year it's intimidating me since we've only checked off a few of the activities. I'm hoping by the end of the summer most of them will be done. If not, I'm not going to worry about it. A fall list?

    Falling asleep in a hammock while reading a book? Love it.

    1. What a great idea to have it on your chalkboard!! I'm totally going to copy that one! Yes, us "southern gals" have the joy of our summer days being lengthened because of our falls being so mild. Thank the Lord for that one! :)