Monday, April 26, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies Turn Shortcake

This past weekend, while the kids were away with their grandparents, I thought it would be fun to surprise them with their favorite cookies when we were rejoined. But, I also wanted to try out a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Now, you understand, this is something I do not do. I NEVER deviate from my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (just ask my sister who almost got her head bitten off for adding a type of chips that were NOT in the original recipe), but this one looked so delicious, that I had to try.

Things were going well, until I realized I didn't have an ingredient. So, I just improvised a little bit...and much to my surprise, the cookies turned out more like shortcakes. At first, I was disappointed, because they are much more cake like than my usual cookies. Then I had an idea. Add vanilla (or coffee!) ice cream, strawberries (freshly picked if you have that option!), and WOW! Chocolate Chip Shortcakes!

dough will be very stiff

Basically take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, add 1/2 c. flour and 1 tsp. baking powder, and you'll have some to enjoy for yourself!!

The funny thing, is that at first, in my over-reactive and dramatic mind, they were just ruined. I had doubled a recipe and wasted all of my time and ingredients to have dry cake-like cookies! It took my husband really enjoying them for me to be able to see them as something different...instead of just wasted cookie dough that was too dry. He liked them, and began to say how good they would be with coffee or for dipping...when all of a sudden, I had the idea of making them into more of a shortcake (you realize only in my mind do they actually change). So, with that new perspective, I was ready to celebrate. Sometimes it just takes another person to show you how to see it.

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  1. Those look and sound positively DIVINE and I am so trying them out...maybe this afternoon!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. mmmm. cookies. Do you watch the office?
    "Erin, you look delicious..I mean nice."
    If you don't, you probably think I'm crazy. Well, I guess I am. And I have taken a picture of dough in the mixing bowl too. Only when you're a blogger right?

  3. Those do sound good!
    I wrote a bit about this on my blog yesterday: should you want to read about it.

    It was about not knowing the words, and that not really mattering...

  4. ooh. I too would have been very nervous to detour from my regular regularity. However, isn't it fun to turn those oops into whoops of joy?! :)

    yay for you!

    amy in peru