Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time...

I know Christmas has the song, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", but I think Spring gives it a pretty good run for it's money.

There's nothing better than sun ripened strawberries that have just been picked. Or being able to gather up a bouquet of flowers that you have waited all year to see again. To me, the spring is like a close friend, who has finally come back to visit again. (I could do without all the sneezing and sniffling she brings, though.)

Now, granted, I would love if I could walk out to my yard and pick all those things fresh from my garden. However, on our small property in the middle of the city, I do not have such luxuries. My favorite place to enjoy all of these goodies, is the Greensboro Farmers Market. I wake up early on Saturday morning, grab my big sunglasses to hide my sleepy eyes, and my market tote, and I'm ready to go! I get all giddy, like a child waiting to see presents on Christmas morning. There's something about being able to go visit with farmers and talk with local merchants, that I simply love. I'd encourage you to check out your local farmers market. I bet you, too, will find that you have a new favorite tradition!

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  1. You switched? There must be a story behind this. :) I can't wait for strawberry Pickin'....but can you believe I rarely get to the Farmer's Market...I know - horrible. :)