Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From the Field

I adore flowers. In fact, if I had to say one thing that makes an event, or home for that matter, more lovely, it would be flowers. They give such personality and splendor to any setting.

My favorite kinds of arrangements are the ones that come straight from the field. They don't always look neatly trimmed and polished, and yet they have such a pure beauty about them.

As my favorite flower season is coming to a close, I have to remember that they will return. And in the meantime, I get to look forward to all those autumn beauties! What's your favorite flower? Or a more interesting question, If you were a flower, what would your name be?


  1. Yay! Everything looks so good!! And I've always liked the name Lily. So if I were a flower, that'd be me I think.

  2. Oh, give me hydrangeas in a Mason jar and I'll love you forever!

    I have never been able to pick a favorite flower. I have favoriteS. Maybe Rose or Daisy?

  3. What lovely photos! I'd want to be some kind of lily, but I'd really struggle to choose beyond that. Easter lilies are lovely and elegant; tiger lilies are bright and cheerful; and pink lilies seem to brighten up my front room like nothing else... decisions, decisions...

  4. hydrangeas.
    all types.
    fresh, dried, withered, single, bunched.