Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Longest Breath

I've been taking a long, deep breath over the last couple days. After finishing up a wedding this past weekend, and reconnecting with my two little ones and my hubby, I finally feel like I can sit down again. Taking a break sometimes is exactly what we need. But sometimes, it gives me the chance (a.k.a. forces me to confront) to think about what I am about to be entering into.

This summer has been so fabulous. And, I am so sad that it is coming to an end. I really, really, love our summer mornings. Pjs and coffee til 10, cartoons and playing together. Real playing together...for more than 5 minutes in between being here and there and getting homework done. My little ones have become best of friends, and have bonded more in these past months than ever before. We have spent many hours with our nephews, who will not be in the same town for much longer. I have enjoyed seeing my husband more, and have watched as he has taken hold of a new journey he will be entering into in about a week. There has been much celebrating, with lots of weddings and events, and the joy that I have had to play a part in that, has been wonderful. To stop all of this celebration is quite hard, especially when I think of all that is about to begin.

My husband is about to begin graduate school, my little girl is starting first grade, my sister is getting married and moving, my son will start soccer for the first time, and we will begin to keep the precious girls I nanny for again in just a few days. The busy early mornings will be here again, and the hustle and bustle of life will be among us. There is still excitement in all that is about to begin...it's just not as still as it has been.

So, now, as I stare into the face of the Fall, I look for celebration. I search to find the good in what we have had, and look with joy to what we will have. As much apprehension as there is, there is more hope. And along with change, there is always beauty. So, I take a deep breath, and anticipate all that is waiting for us in the next season. I can't wait to see the colors of the Fall.

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  1. Beautiful just like you, Melissa! <3
    Hugs, Marcy

  2. it's a bittersweet time of year isn't it?

  3. Life is filled with change, much like the seasons. Sounds like you've got a busy season coming up. Oh, the adventures that wait.

    I'd love you to link up with my Simple Pleasures series some Thursday.

  4. I love that you said "with change, there is always beauty."