Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Things in August

My friend who introduced me to blogging several years ago does this very cool thing every month. She takes one thing (or sometimes a couple) from each day of the month, and makes a "good things" list. This friend is no stranger to struggle. She has lots of reasons to choose to not to see the good things in life, like many of us could. But instead, she chooses joy. She chooses grace. She chooses to see the goodness in her life, and share it with those around her. Come and join along!

Aug. 1 - got to sleep in, go to church, and then had a great time at Music in the Park.
Aug. 2 - asked to co-chair Restoration Runway's 2011 fashion show! a really fun surprise!
Aug. 3 - had dinner with my stepmom and little brother and sister. and laughed a lot!
Aug. 4 - met friends at jump and fun, and was such a fun mom for taking them there!
Aug. 5 - had my first meeting for Restoration Runway, and got to meet some awesome women.
Aug. 6 - took a short roadtrip with my dad and my big sister. only a couple hours, but it was much needed hang out time for us.
Aug. 7 - bittersweet day, this year, but still our anniversary, and good time with family.
Aug. 8 - had a great day being with my hubby and celebrating our 11 years!
Aug. 9 - we really love being reunited with our kids after being gone for a weekend. that's always when i get the best hugs and kisses!
Aug. 10 - spent the whole day with this family, and loved every minute of it. it was such needed time for all of us.
Aug. 11 - spent a lot of time playing with my kiddos, because i knew i wouldn't see them much for a few days.
Aug. 12 - began setting up a reception site.
Aug. 13 - had a great time with a bride and groom and their sweet families.
Aug. 14 - saw a priceless look on a beautiful bride's face as she walked into the room i had designed, and remembered why i love being a wedding planner.
Aug. 15 - went to a baptism at a lake with lots of people we love.
Aug. 16 - spent the day enjoying a laid back summer day (one of the last ones!), and cleaned the house, too!
Aug. 17 - my Stella & Dot trunk show...fun jewelry and yummy dessert, and friends at my house...what could be better?
Aug. 18 - had a playdate with Meredith and her three boys.
Aug. 19 - met a friend that i hardly ever see anymore for lunch in Burlington.
Aug. 20 - got Maddie and Taylor (the little girls that i nanny) back from summer break. watched as my kids lavished love on these little ones and were so happy to have their "best friends in the whole wide world" back.
Aug. 21 - went back to school shopping with DiDi and got the some fun new school clothes for the kids!
Aug. 22 - went to Taylor's one year old birthday party!
Aug. 23 - had a good time meeting River's first grade teacher at open house.
Aug. 24 - went to the Natural Science Center for the tiger's 6th birthday party...pretty cool to see them open presents with their claws and teeth. also, it was Randy's first day of grad school! the beginning of new journey.
Aug. 25 - first day of first grade and had a fun pancake dinner with my sis and her boys.
Aug. 26 - had fun creating this tablescape and then listened to a fabulous message from Kari.
Aug. 27 - got my haircut, which is always such a treat. and introduced my kids to the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for our family movie night.
Aug. 28 - had a pool party with friends to celebrate the end of summer.
Aug. 29 - met my new sunday school class, and enjoyed an afternoon at home!
Aug. 30 - had a fun playdate with Blair and Millie.
Aug. 31 - went to the park with friends, ate delicious chicken salad, and watched Glee reruns.

As sad as I am to see summer fade away, I'm looking forward to whole new month filled with many more good things to come.


  1. You made it -- well done! It sounds like you're a really fun mum -- your kids are lucky!

  2. love this list... and love the photo, friend. you should join me for imperfect prose. xo

  3. Yay! Except I think the old Willy Wonka movie is creepy.

  4. We skipped the creepy tunnel part. ;)

  5. Loved reading this :-) A great idea :-)