Monday, August 2, 2010

Tis a Gift to be Simple

Sometimes I have the best intentions... for instance... blogging about something absolutely beautiful and exceptionally profound at least every other day, while at the same time I win the "Best Mother of the Year" award. However, then I realize that I'm in real life, where I barely get to take a shower every other day, and have things like cars breaking down that get in the way of my best laid plans.

I did have to post these pics from a wedding I did a few weeks ago. I adored this sweet bride, and my family grew to love her just as much. That definitely says something about how special she truly is.

It was so fun to design a wedding around a tobacco barn. We hung one of her families beloved stain glass windows from the center to give the front of the barn a more "chapel-like" appearance. The rest was easy (a girl and boy who fell in love in high school and have been waiting for this day for years!)

This wedding was simple, and yet so beautiful. Both the bride and groom had a fantastic day being with their family and friends, without worrying how the wedding would go. The gift to me, was simply being able to see her look at him like this.

Is there a gift of love that you're celebrating today? Go see all the fabulous stories over at Chatting at the Sky and celebrate them together!

*photos by Laura Sappenfield and Leah Hester


  1. Some beautiful sentiments to go along with great photos. Simple weddings are my favourite. As for life getting in the way of best laid plans. A daily occurrence over at my home. : )

  2. Beautiful pictures. Such a special time. I love small, simple weddings also.

  3. Simple and beautiful... perfect! :) Gorgeous photos!


  4. Great pictures - they just make you smile!

  5. Very cool setting -- love the pics!

  6. Lovely couple, and wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing this gift with us.

  7. What a FABULOUS job to have. The wedding is beautiful. It SOUNDS like such fun, but I know it is still work.
    Thanks for your sweet, sweet birthday wishes on my blog.

  8. So glad that you stopped by my blog today so that I could find your blog. What a beautiful day.