Monday, March 28, 2011

80s Done Right

A few weeks ago, I helped a friend out with her fabulous 40th birthday party.
We did an 80's theme, and it was "totally awesome"!

Everyone came decked out in their favorite 80's style

from head...

to toe!

Some 80s celebs made an appearance,
including L.L. Cool J. and Tina Turner...

Even Alf showed up for a bit!

We had a few games including 80s Movie Trivia and 80's TV Show Name that Tune. The winners got our fabulous 80's CDs or DVDs as their prizes.

Then, came the costume contest. It was a tough choice, but we had several categories including:

Best Couple (Prom King and Queen)

Biggest Hair

and many more!

For an adult birthday party, it was such a fun way to celebrate. Everyone had a blast, and really got into the theme. It was a great way to put the fun in turning 40!

And, who's the birthday girl? I'll never tell!

1 comment:

  1. lovely shots.
    sweet smiles..

    Happy Belated Birthday.