Friday, March 4, 2011

On Carolina Blue

One of the best parts of living in NC are the blue skies. Once we get into March, I have to bring in more blue to our house. Part of it I'm sure is that ACC time is in full swing, and I have to have a little more Carolina blue around me. But, another part is feeling like my house is beginning to celebrate my favorite season. I change my accent colors from reds and browns to blues and green, and even throw a bit of pink and yellow in sometimes. I started with refreshing my mantle.



The fun part of redesigning an area, is how intentional you can be with it. For instance, the platter that I have showcased is such a fresh look with the white basket weave china border, and the bouquet of flowers in Spring colors. But, more than anything, I love it because my Grandmother gave it to me, and her birthday is in the Spring, as is my Grandfather's. So, having it up there, allows me to remember them a little more. And, the turquoise chalice has to come out around Easter every year. I found that on a fun weekend trip with one of my best friends down in New Bern, NC. I gave it to Randy that year as an Easter gift, so that we could have a family communion goblet.

One of the things that compelled me to refresh my mantle was my jar of stars that I got as a birthday gift from my sweet friend. She'll tell you that her husband is better at giving gifts, but I tell you, she's pretty darn good at it. I couldn't wait to design the perfect place for my own jar of stars to live.

Oh, and speaking of Carolina blue, I never told you
what I gave my hubby for his birthday present...
You know what they say about God being a Tarheel...
why else would He have made the sky Carolina blue!