Monday, March 21, 2011

Risky Business

I think that I started being risky in my decor when I stopped doing things the "right way". I've always been a category kind a know, Chili in the winter, never in the summer. Quilts on beds, never on tables. And so on. Not so long ago, some of that started to change.

When I started finding things by the side of the road,
instead of tossing them, I put them in my kitchen.

And who says a vintage afghan can't go on a kitchen booth?
I surely like mine there! My great grandmother who made it
might not appreciate it there, but she would be glad it's out of the closet!

And, why couldn't old falling apart things
become a fun piece of art with a second life?

A while back I found this old retro high chair at a yard sale. It was love at first sight, but then, I started to feel like it just didn't really fit. Maybe it looked too junky, or maybe it wasn't right. Sadly, it was moved to the back deck, without much glory.

To celebrate today, and taking a risk, I brought it back into my kitchen. I set some fun old pewter dishes that have been hiding away in the closet without a purpose. Now I love it all over again! Before the tray was too bare, but I've decided that I can use the tray at different times to "serve" different items. Maybe cold drinks in the summer on the porch, or fun toys for the kids. But whatever, it's National Take a Risk in Your Home Day...according to Nester.

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  1. I LOVE this post!! Good for you...the chair is fabulous!!
    Found you at Nester!

  2. What a neat way to incorporate a "found" object. I can totally see it as an impromptu buffet. P.S. Those pewter pieces are amazing also. Yay on a great risk!

  3. Yay for takin' a risk and seeing the beauty in these things! Love the pewter dishes! :)