Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Say it's Silly, I Say it's Tradition

Last night, we went over to Curtis and Katie's house to watch the Carolina game. But as you may know, this wasn't just any Carolina game. It was a long awaited game, against our archrival, and it was hard to think about how it could have turned out.

I wanted to write something about how wonderful last night was, but my sweet friend Katie said is so perfectly, I couldn't help but share. It was a great night for a lot of us last night, and as silly as a love for basketball may seem to others, it's one of our cherished traditions around here. One that I will always love. If you're a Tarheel, than you know how true it is, and you'd appreciate Katie's post, as much as I did. So, go get teary-eyed with me, as I revel in the glory a little bit longer.