Monday, February 28, 2011

Girls (& Little Brothers) Just Wanna Have Fun

Today my sweet girl turned seven. We had so much fun this weekend celebrating her life. When we were planning the party a while ago, she said that she just wanted to go to the mall with some of her best friends. Well, I decided that I would spruce up her little adventure by adding a few fun surprises.

I did not want a brood of six and seven year old girls aimlessly meandering through the mall. I figure they'll do enough of that when they're teenagers. So, I came up with a fun scavenger hunt, covering all the places in the mall where she wanted to go with her friends. I had gone beforehand and talked with the clerks and planted the clues, and so it was all set to go!

We all met at the Starbucks, where we started our party
with our signature drink of fancy chocolate milk.

Then, the clues began.

We went from here...
(I love all their expressions in this picture)

To there...

And saw funny things everywhere.
(Couldn't help but throw in Dr. Seuss this week!)

But, we really had so much fun. And as far as birthday parties, it was her favorite thus far! You could make it more specific to what your little girl likes, but it was actually a very inexpensive party. A little more time consuming with the planning part of it, but so fun for them!

We ended at the food court for pizza and cake.
(Don't ask me about the healthy snacks! haha)

These little women are so amazing. I pray that they will stay friends for all their lives, encouraging one another daily. It does my heart good to be around them, and to have their fresh and fun personalities add a little more spunk into my own life.

I love you, River, and I'm so glad that I get to be your Mama. These last seven years have been the best of my life. You bless me beyond measure, sweet girl!

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