Monday, February 7, 2011

You Say it's Your Birthday...

Being a huge Beatles fan, every year on my birthday, my dad calls and sings me this song...

Being a huge fan of birthdays, I love it. I've talked about my birthday here a lot, but I haven't done many posts about throwing birthday parties. In particular, children's birthday parties. Part of the reason, is because most of the time, now days, kids have their parties at all the familiar birthday spots...Bounce U, Chuck E. Cheese, Little Gym, and all the other places to have parties. And, yes, even I, the event planner, has called on their services a time or two.
Back, not so long ago, this was not the I'm sure you remember.

I remember being excited about going to McDonald's for one of my birthday parties (I think I was turning 5), but that was about the extent of going somewhere. Usually, I would have a few friends over, and we would play, eat cake, open presents, the end.

But, because of how extravagant everything in our society has become, that usually just doesn't feel like enough. If that's all you do, it's like you feel guilty for not doing "more", or making it really special.

My hope with this birthday series, is that you will come away from it feeling empowered to celebrate your child's birthday, without the guilt or pressure that can sometimes accompany throwing a party. Rather being able to have a sincere enjoyment of the celebration at hand. I'll kick off the party tomorrow morning!


  1. Hurry! I'm planning my son's birthday for a week from Saturday. He'll be nine and I'm ready for more ideas. Got any Star Wars in your arsenal? (His second Star Wars party in two years...I'm about out of ideas.)

    And I love that song, but I only know part of the chorus.

  2. James Bond is a HUGE Beatles fan as well and I sing that song to him on his birthday. In fact, Han Solo (due in April) will have a name IRL that has something to do with the Beatles (I don't use our real names on my blog).
    I ABHOR birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese and what have you. They are awful and noisy and completely forgettable. I love dong birthday parties for Indy and figure I only have so many before he just wants to hang out with his friends (thus breaking his mother's heart), so I should do them big while I can (though now I guess I will get to do more since Han Solo is coming). They can be labor intensive, but that's only because I like to do it and for me, it's a labor of love. Indy will NOT forget these parties. I posted some on my blog. If you'd like, you can check them out here:

    Since you're a party person by profession, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  3. girls, thanks so much for the excitement! and, i can't wait to check out your fun posts!