Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making it About Them

Usually it starts in November. My daughter begins to plan her birthday party for February of the following year. I think it's because her brother's birthday is in November, and she knows that we have to get past his, before we can think about hers.

I got to plan her first two birthday parties...but after that, it was pretty much her thing. I get to throw in a few ideas here and there, but mostly, it's up to her. I'm ashamed to say that this year, I even tried persuading her to do a different theme, than just go to the mall with a few friends. I mean, what kind of a party is that?! But, I knew, deep down, it wasn't about the party, it was supposed to be about her.

This is where I try to start with all my birthday planning. I try to find out what they are really into then, and what they really love at that particular age. It allows me to begin thinking about how to celebrate who they are, and what they love. To commemorate their year by centering a party around who they are at that age.

For example, even though my son is now scared of dogs, at three, he loved them more than anything! So, that year, we had a puppy party. We had paw-print coloring books and puppy chow and scooby snacks. We had pup cakes instead of cup cakes, and even a puppy parade with any dogs that wanted to come along. It was so much fun, and he loved it. It allows me to remember how much he loved dogs, then...even though right now, he's scared to death of them. And, no it's not from the puppy party! haha.

Whatever the age of the child, I think sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the thought of what would be easy for us, or fun for us. So, as you're planning their party, just remember to make the celebration about them. That's the first step of having a birthday party your child will love!

cupcake picture credit: http://www.squidoo.com/cupcakesheavenlydelicious


  1. YES! Exactly.

    I do NOT want to do a Star Wars party this year, but Indy really, really, REALLY wants one, so Star Wars party it is. It's his day and his party, so I'll suck it up and become a Jedi Master to all the young Padawans (way too much SW knowledge for me to know).