Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Paper Date

This past Saturday, my little girl and I decided we would have a girly date. Her birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and so we decided to go get her birthday invitations. She's only having a few friends go with her to the mall. I asked her if she remembered she was turning seven, and not seventeen! I'm just glad that she still lets me come. Now, granted, we could have gone over to Target, but then, I had another idea. I decided to take her to Ashleigh's instead.

I first met Ashleigh when I was styling the shower with Alexa. You might remember the fun menus we picked out for the shower...

Ashleigh's is my favorite place to go with brides to pick out invitations, programs, save the dates, or anything of the like! Ashleigh and her sister Brooke opened their fun little paper boutique about 2 years ago. They have all sorts of great stationary, bags, and gifts. They will sit with you around their big wooden table and spend as long as it takes to find the right choice. And it doesn't stop there. They know all the invitation etiquette that you need to know when deciding upon wording, and will write it up in a way that is just perfect. They'll even come up with cute little rhymes for party invitations!

My daughter felt so special to be able to go with me to such a fun store, and get to pick out the invitations she wanted for her party. I introduced her to "Ms Ashleigh" and after having a handful of their Valentine's M&Ms, we looked at all the beautiful choices. They had so many fun ones to choose from (for girls and boys for that matter), but here's what she ended up with.

she was so excited she kept on posing with them...

Then, when you're finished shopping, you get to walk out with a super cute bag like this.

I love getting to meet so many wonderful people who work in the same industry. We have so many awesome vendors in our area, and this paper boutique is definitely one of my favorites!

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