Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Good To Pass Up!

Ok, so who wouldn't love wedding gifts like these?!?

Pottery Barn is one of those stores that I love to be inspired by, and attempt similar looks in my home (a.k.a. copy), but I hardly ever think about actually purchasing from them. Unless I run across an amazing sale, I'm just too cheap.

However, if you're doing a gift registry right now, I would tell you to register at Pottery Barn! Now through Feb. 23, Pottery Barn is doing a sweepstakes giveaway for a honeymoon in PARIS! I mean, how often do you get to pick the store that people shop for you from?! Much less, get the chance to win a trip to Paris! I wish that I could register! Maybe I could...I mean, I did just move. heehee.

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