Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Which I Say Love Way too Many Times

Today's my birthday EVE! My sister is so great. You might remember her...she's this problematic bride that I told you about. She called me yesterday all the way from big fat Baton Rouge (I'm still a little bitter toward Louisiana) and in true big sister fashion said, "Happy Birthday Eve Eve!" I love love love her...and really, really miss her.

And, sweet Emily came over yesterday and gave me this LOVELY tray.

She was so cute standing in my doorway with a big ol' tray "hiding" behind her back. You know you're close with someone when they can pick out something for your house that you would have drooled over, but never would have splurged to get it for yourself. She always picks things like that out for me for my birthday, and it's super fun. And then, when I exclaim how much it's me, and how much I love it, she just smiles and says all sweet and sassy-like, "I know." Love. Her!

Ok so then...when we first moved into this house, the first thing I wanted to do was paint all the dark brown trim in the den. I knew we couldn't do it before Christmas, but I kept dropping hints to my sweet husband that "maybe for my birthday, he could paint the mantel for me". I could deal with the molding and beams for a little bit longer, but that mantel...uggh. So, as soon as I took off my garland from Christmas, it was like the big dark thing was glaring ugly at me. So, it was such a fun early present when I came home and saw this!

He's so sweet. and the best husband EVER!
And I love him love him love him so much!
What a difference paint can make...ahhh...I can breathe again.

Ok, enough about me...let's talk about what you could win. I know it's the end of the day, but this give away will go for a couple days. I love baking, and especially with my kids. We have so much fun in the kitchen. So, I thought in honor of celebrating life with them, and it being about time for me to bake some cupcakes, I would give this away...

No, not the your dreams! This cute Buckhead Betties kids apron and hat set.

Comment and let me know if you want it, and I'll choose a winner at random in the next couple days.

I can't wait for tomorrow...and not just because it's my birthday. I have a super super fun surprise for us all tomorrow! See you then!


  1. I just emailed you and then saw you had updated. I'm not entering the contest since I won something recently from you. I'll give someone else a chance...Ha! Just want to say you're a sweetheart and happy birthday eve!

  2. Happy Birthday Melissa. I'd love to enter the contest. Sara and Ella can share it when they are baking with Kelly

  3. So sweet - so good to see you the other day, friend. Happy birthday :) Can't wait for the surprise!!

  4. Happy Birthday. That set will look good on Atticus when he is a little older.