Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Best Surprise

I know I've been hinting for a while at the coming "surprise", so for all you who have been waiting, the wondering can finally end! Here's the big news...

When Alexa asked me to style a wedding shower for a photo shoot, I knew that we would make an amazing team. At first sight, I knew that she was my kind of girl. And, I knew that our style was a perfect fit. But, I did not know if it would picked. And, I definitely did not know that we would get chosen to be featured on Wedding Chicks, of all amazing dreamy blogs! See, I told you it was the best surprise.

To have your creativity put out there for all the world to see is a hard thing to do. You have no idea if people are going to laugh and point at it like it's the ugliest thing they've ever seen, or if you're going to hear people say the sweetest things ever. Either way, the risk is there, and it's hard to have your heart out wide on the table. But, one thing I've learned through doing this for a while now, is that you still have to create. And each creation is a gift to be able to make. Whether people like it or hate it, whether it's considered "good style" or not, the treasure is in choosing to create. Choosing to use your gift to bless someone else. Being able to do that has been the best surprise that I never knew was coming.

So, come say hello to us at the Wedding Chicks! Those girls are amazing, and I'm so glad they decided to feature us.

Thanks, friends, for celebrating life with me.


  1. Yay! What a wonderful surprise. I love every little detail of the shower. You did good, girl!

  2. absolutely breathtaking.

    I knew you had this stuff in you, that paperlier/chandy/hanging thing~can I marry that?

    well done!

  3. Melissa, you did a BEAUTIFUL job-- I just loved every single detail. It was so "you!" More more more! :-) P.S. please show this to GLG-- they will love it. xoxo KWP

  4. This is so AWESOME, Melissa! I am so impressed!